‘Afflicted Couple’ 64-year-old comedian Kim Chang-joon “Two times a week for my wife’s consideration…”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Chang-joon, a 64-year-old comedian, and Cha Soo-eun, a 10-year-old wife, appear on the 19th gold couple talk show ‘Afflicted Couple’.

In the quick tour of ‘Afflicted Couple’ to be aired on the 9th,’present comedian’ Kim Chang-joon, who looks incredibly young in his mid-60s, and his elegant wife Cha Soo-eun appear.

Kim Chang-joon happily said, “There is a word ‘because I know people know~’ in my buzzword,” and boasted of a rich appearance that already had grandchildren with his wife.

However, when the full-fledged ‘Introspection’ began, Kim Chang-joon said to his wife, “This person has consensus, but there is no erogenous zone.” “I tried hard to show a strong figure on the first night, but there was no response, so ‘Are you dead?’ I was blinded to seeing it,” recalling the shocking (?) memories of the first night.

So, his wife Cha Soo-eun said, “At our time, sex education was not available until middle school, so I thought I could get pregnant just by bumping into someone else on the bus.” “I’m done,” he admitted that he wasn’t interested in sex since ‘innocent days’.

Even at the age of 64, the wife’s concern was her husband who was still very passionate about marital relationships. However, her husband Kim Chang-joon said, “I am not worried at all. In fact, I want to do more, but I am in a couple relationship only about twice a week because I am considerate of my wife,” he said without hesitation. Accordingly, even MC Lee Yong-jin of ‘New Bridegroom’ couldn’t shut up saying, “It’s a real one hundred years old!”

The sensational situation of Kim Chang-jun and Cha Soo-eun, the eldest couple in the history of ‘Quick Tour’, will be unveiled on Monday, November 9, at 10:00 pm on SKY and Channel A’s full-fledged 19-gold couple talk show ‘Affiliated Couple’.

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