‘Dogs are Incredible’ Kang Hyung-wook, what made him visit training center, leaving the control room?

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

For the first time in training in ‘Dogs are Incredible’, distance education for guardians is conducted.

In KBS2’s ‘Dogs are Incredible’, which will be broadcast today (9th), we meet Dori, a double dog, who is an angel dog in front of an outsider, but who bites bloodyly when with a guardian. As a result, interest is increasing as the first special training tailored to double dogs, distance education for guardians, is being conducted.

While observing the life of Dori, the troubled dog, the Golden Retriever, the guardians check to see how she bites her guardians without hesitation. The guardians looked for videos and practiced to fix Dori’s behavior, and even called a visiting trainer. He said it was even more difficult because his agonizing behavior was not revealed.

On the day of training, when Lee Gyeong-gyu, Jang Do-yeon, and daily visitor Tae-min entered the house, Dori became pure, as if when he did, and when Kang Hyeong-wook came, he exudes the charm of an angel dog. Dori, who has become a quiet puppy, turns into a bite dog by biting the guardian’s arm when outsiders leave the house again, making everyone astonished with a look more than a double dog, Pori.

Accordingly, Kang Hyung-wook conducts remote training in which the guardians wear in-ears and communicate directly with themselves, seeing Dori that does not show problematic behavior in front of the trainers. The distance education system, which has been only used by students and students, has been applied to the guardians, so that the guardians can face each other and conduct education.

This distance education for guardians, a special training tailored to double dogs, is a unique training asset of ‘Dogs are Incredible’ and a method that has not been found in other programs, so expectations for how the training process will be drawn are rising.

Kang Hyung-wook suddenly left his seat and headed home while conducting remote training for Dori in the control room. Before getting off the elevator, he was in a hurry enough to prepare to take off his shoes.

What is the reason for his sudden behavior, who has always been calm and has not lost his composure, I am looking forward to the broadcast of ‘Dogs are Incredible’ that will bring fresh fun with a new training method.


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