‘Shall we talk?’ Park Ji-hoon releases photos of newborns and childhoods who showed off their extraordinary beauty

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Park Ji-hoon, who recently released his first full album ‘MESSAGE’ and is expanding its attractive spectrum, is a guest on ‘Kakao TV Morning-Shall We Talk?’, which will be released at 7 am on the 10th (Tuesday). The lyricist meets Kim Ea-na and presents 100% pure, unique chatter views.

Park Ji-hoon has not only secured a powerful fandom with a gorgeous and charismatic performance stage, but has also been recognized as an all-round artist by playing an endless role as an actor who digests the acting of various genres and characters. In particular, in recent years, in Kakao TV’s original drama ‘Love Revolution’, he has been playing the role of ‘Gong Ju-yeong’, a beautifully charming man, invigorating the play with a stable acting as well as a lovely charm, and is building a solid position as an actor. On this day, in ‘Shall we Talk?’, Park Ji-hoon is going to show a different appearance by confessing his honest thoughts and worries as singers and actors, as well as cheerful and witty talks from the big release of photos as a child.

On this day, Kim Ea-na expressed a fresh feeling, saying, “I thought you were a baby, but you are quiet and serious” saying that she was surprised at Park Ji-hoon’s first impression. When Kim Ea-na mentioned Park Ji-hoon’s signature ‘Save in My Heart’ and ‘Wink’, he wittily conveys honest thoughts about the proprietary patents ‘Wink’ and ‘Decadent Pictorials’ that have attracted numerous fans. In addition, it talks about the difference between onstage and when acting, reveals episodes where he made a mistake while acting because of his habits on stage as a singer, and makes his eyes laugh while talking about his passion for music and acting. You will be able to hear the story of his growing up as an entertainer.

In addition, Park Ji-hoon is planning to share genuine stories, such as asking Kim Ea-na for advice on ‘know-how to heal a little.’ At Park Ji-hoon’s appearance that he is trying to manage his own mentality because it is not always fun, Kim Ea-na conveys sympathy for similar experiences and gives practical advice to Park Ji-hoon, such as ‘how to get a small but great sense of accomplishment’. Park Ji-hoon, who is not always bright, cute and lovable, but with a more mature atmosphere, Park Ji-hoon’s 100% purity, is added to Kim In-Pyo’s Kakao Talk Therapy to provide warm healing to viewers.

In addition, on this day, Park Ji-hoon is planning to release photos of his childhood, giving off a witty talk and overflowing talent, making it impossible to take his eyes off for a moment. From the time he was a newborn baby, he was equipped with aegyo that makes even his childhood smile. He has a warm appearance and a mischievous pinzan from Kim Ea-na’s saying, ‘Pretty things aren’t too human since he was a newborn baby’. In addition, at the request of Kim Ea-na, the camera and eye contact being filmed, and a series of ‘devilish expressions’ are also planned to show the charms of fans by showing off the scenes full of remnants.

From the sincere confession of the versatile artist Park Ji-hoon to the beauty of a man’s man, ‘Shall we Talk?’, which is exciting to viewers, is a Tuesday corner of the first digital morning entertainment show in Korea,’Kakao TV Morning’. Through a new format called KakaoTalk interview, it delicately depicts the subtle tension and the exchange of subtle emotions flowing in the midst of a wordlessness, and snipes the emotions of the 1530 younger generation who are more comfortable than words. It is released on Kakao TV every Tuesday at 7 am.


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