Song Ga-in won the Achievement Award for popularization of Pansori…”Thank you”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Song Ga-in left a certification shot for winning the Achievement Award.

Song Ga-in won the Achievement Award at the 50th Pansori School Festival held on the 8th. The Pansori School of Great Festival is a pansori school performance that selects the sounds of each school every year and presents the best performers of the time.

After receiving the award, she said on her instagram, “I received the Achievement Award for the Popularization of Pansori! I will continue to make efforts to spread our traditional Korean music. Thank you! I am with my respected teacher Kim Il-gu.”

In the photo released together, Song Ga-in holds a plaque of merit in her hand. A beautiful smile and perfect beauty catch the eye. In addition, Kim Il-gu also poses with the famous Pansori singer.

The netizens who saw this showed various reactions such as “Congratulations on the Achievement Award”, “Korean music is the hometown of Song Ga-in”, and “Proud Ga-in”.

Meanwhile, Song Ga-in is scheduled to appear in the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Trot National Sports Festival’.

Photo|Song Ga-in’s SNS

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