‘Tae-il’ Jang Dong-yoon “A person who can record in modern history, voice acting glory”

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Jang Dong-yoon challenged the voice acting in the movie’Tae-il’. He expressed his feelings, saying, “Glory.”

On the morning of the 9th, Jang Dong-yoon said at the online production briefing session of ‘Tae-il’ (director Hong Jun-pyo, produced Myung-Film), “Being in a meaningful position ahead of the 50th anniversary of Jeon Tae-il’s passion, it is meaningful.

He said, “As I participated in this movie, I read the Jeon Tae-il peace. Even in difficult and extreme situations, I was impressed with the warm heart of looking around and caring for people rather than my own difficulties.”

He added, “It is an honor to participate in a work that depicts a person who can record in modern history through voice acting. Thank you.”

Shim Jae-myeong, CEO of ‘Myung Film’, who lost luck saying “a story I wanted to make once,” said, “I made a feature animation of Jeon Tae-il’s life as an exceptionally long after the ‘Hen Out of the Madang’. It was able to be produced with the help of many people. I will do my best so that this film can impress many generations.”

‘Tae-il’ is an animated film about the story of Jeon Tae-il, a young man who fought passionately to change the peace market and unfair working conditions in 1970. A feature animation project prepared by Myung Film and the Jeon Tae-il Foundation before the 50th anniversary of Jeon Tae-il. Actors Jang Dong-yoon, Jin Seon-gyu, Yeom Hye-ran, Kwon Hae-hyo, and Park Cheol-min were in charge of the dubbing.

Chairman Jeon Tae-il said, “It is an honor to co-produce Myung Film and ‘Tae-il’. I think this project was possible because there were all the workers and people who followed Tae-il Jeon. “I hope that you will receive strength and comfort now that you are tired of COVID-19 through this.”

‘Tae-il’ aims to be released in the first half of the following year.


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