‘The Return of Superman’ CP “Duck to the 7th Anniversary Special Viewers, Memorable Superman…” [Direct Interview]

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CP Kang Bong-gyu of ‘The Return of Superman’ revealed his feelings on celebrating the 7th anniversary.

The 355th episode of KBS2’s ‘The Return of Superman’ broadcast on the 8th was a special feature for the 7th anniversary of ‘Children’s Imagination Becomes Real’.

Two-kom siblings Yeonwoo-Hayoung, Will Bengers William-Bentley, Lara sisters Rawon-Lime, and Hao and Seung-jae and Si-an Until this point, they gathered together. In a fairy tale village where trees become secret friends and gifts from the sky, children made new memories. Lee Dong-guk and his children, and Koh Ji-yong appeared, creating a feeling of warmth.

CP Kang Bong-gyu told Maeil Business Daily Star Today on the 9th, “I have a lot of thoughts about whether it is already the 7th anniversary. Even before the 7th anniversary, when the 5th anniversary was over, I thought about what to do at the 6th anniversary. Even on the 6th anniversary, I thought about what to do next year. Sometimes I thought about what to do this year when meeting. I started planning after the 6th anniversary, but I was cautious about Corona 19. I wondered if I could shoot. The number of filming days was reduced, and the filming took place on the same day. I wanted to serve many people, but I was cautious because of COVID-19.”

“I prepared other items, and I thought about taking pictures separately. Fortunately, things got better, so we could get together to shoot. It’s a pity, but I’m so fortunate that I can see my face after a long time without a major accident.”

On the 28th of last month, Lee Dong-guk, who declared his retirement from his career as a professional player for 22 years, said, “Aren’t your fathers struggling right now? know. I know that feeling. But this time will never come back. So, I want my fathers to give me more strength.” He drew attention by giving advice that only experienced people can do.

In this regard, CP Kang Bong-gyu said, “Lee Dong-guk was also ahead of his retirement game, and it seems that such feelings have come. The dads of ‘Superman’ were also very happy to see their faces after a long time. We took care of each other and had a good time.”

Kang Bong-gyu CP said about Seung-jae and Si-an, who have been very big after a long time, “I met Seung-jae since I was a child, and he was a kid who spoke very well. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, and my body was also big, so I wondered how I could have grown so much. Xian also filmed before turning. At that time, he was also a decent baby, but he felt a real feeling because of the boyishness. Seol-ah, Su-ah, are also growing up beautifully, and Jae-si and Jae-ah have a new feeling because she feels like a teenager and grew up quickly.”

What is the reason why ‘Return of Superman’ has been loved so far? He said, “As everyone knows, I was able to be loved because of the angelic, unexpected, and natural features that everyone knows. Maybe it’s because of the way the children grow up brightly,” he said. “I hoped that we would not interfere with the lives of the children, and thought about how to help them. I think it would be rewarding if children can grow up safely and healthy in the future.”

He who has been with him from the beginning of ‘Return of Superman’ will be more impressed. When asked about the ‘Superman’ that remains in the plan, Lee Hwi-jae, Chu Sung-hoon, Jang Hyun-sung, and Lee Hyun-woo, who appeared in the pilot, were picked.

He said, “We planned as the main PD, and now we are working as a CP. Everyone remains in my memory, but the most memorable people are the people I first met. At first, it didn’t start as a regular production, but as a Chuseok special pilot in 2013. I poured it all out because I could end up with three episodes of the program. The story I want to say, the thing I wanted to throw a buzz at the viewers, etc. were all included in the third episode.”

“There were a lot of regrets and the preparation process was difficult. Since I was with my children, I had a lot to care about. The preparation period was only 6 months. I poured it all out, and thanks to the love of many people, I was able to come regularly, so I remember the Superman at the time.”

‘The Return of Superman’, which has reached its 7th anniversary, is scheduled to run again for its 8th anniversary. Kang Bong-gyu CP said, “Usually, the year ends when you reach the ‘Entertainment Awards’. Then you need to prepare for the 8th anniversary. As I was preparing for the 7th anniversary, I thought it would be the 10th anniversary if I did the next 3 times. It is not known whether the 10th anniversary will be reached. However, if you endure the 10th anniversary with weekend entertainment, you will think if the viewers love it. I will try hard with expectations and concerns.”

Finally, he said, “I think that what has come so far is that viewers support and love me. The schedule has changed twice. Many of the fans of ‘Return of Superman’ ask if they are broadcasting too late. We were also worried about moving the organization. From December 8th last year, it will be broadcast in the current time zone. Even after the organization was decided at the time, I was worried a lot. In a way, viewers protected ‘The Return of Superman’. Thank you so much for loving me a lot. It was thanks to the viewers that we were able to reach the 7th anniversary. Thank you.” “The filming is not easy due to the aftermath of Corona 19. Children’s safety is a top priority. How to shoot safely with children I always hit the wall, but I will work harder in the future.

‘The Return of Superman’ is broadcast every Sunday at 9:15 pm.


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