‘Video Star’ Geum Jan-di “I hope Paik Il-sub is my father-in-law”

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Golden Grass makes a surprise confession to Paik Il-seop.

MBC Every1’s’Video Star’, which airs on the 10th, is a special feature of’Baek Il (Sub)’, featuring Paik Il-sub, Kim Se-hwan, Park Jeong-soo, Lee Gye-in, and Geum Jan-di.

In recent recordings, Geum Jan-di, who has long thought of actor Paik Il-seop as her ideal type, made a surprise confession to Paik Il-sub… Geum Jandi confessed to Paik Il-sub that “I wanted you to be my father-in-law.”

It is even said that he was introduced to Paik Il-sub’s son by an acquaintance while searching for a way to connect with Paik Il-sub. But knowing that he was already married and could not lead, the sky seemed to collapse. As a result, Paik Il-sub said, “Abu is too much. Let’s listen to it”

In addition, Geum Jan-di also reveals an episode about his unique childhood. Not only did my parents listen to the trot in prenatal school, but they also did the trot. In addition, it is said that he received the bull as the first prize in the singing contest that he participated in when he was 6 years old. In response, Lee Gye-in said, “I’m as strong as I am,” and said that he stuck out his tongue.

Geum Jan-di also publishes his own list of rest area restaurants he learned while attending events across the country. You can check the recommended menus for rest areas by region and tips for using rest areas nationwide on the broadcast.

From the pleasant talk to the performance of the self-proclaimed highway idol Geum Jan-di, you can meet at MBC Every1 ‘Video Star’ at 8:30 pm on the 10th.


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