[Exclusive] ‘The House Detox’ PD Kim Yoo-gon “I wanted to show the power of Lee Soo-kyung’s house arrangement and space realignment” (Interview)

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Lee Soo-kyung appeared as a client of ‘The House Detox’ and attracted attention.

In the tvN entertainment program ‘The House Detox’, which aired on the 9th, actress Lee Soo-kyung, who has an attractive frankness, appeared as a star client and commissioned a house where she lives alone.

Lee Soo-kyung’s house looks cleaner than any other house, but if you look closely, the twist was hidden. As the zip-cock time increased, many items took place with the goal of ‘sleeker zip-cock life’, but it became difficult to organize the most necessary things. From pantry full of emergency food to overflowing junk food, there were a lot of things to organize.

Expired foods, clothes hangers to store trendy clothes, and a large wine refrigerator were needed, but items that were difficult to keep track of were surprised to find their place. Lee Soo-kyung blew his eyes and expressed gratitude for the organization of members of ‘The House Detox’.

On the 10th, PD Kim Yoo-gon, who was in charge of ‘The House Detox’, told Maeil Business Daily Star Today, “I came up with Lee Soo-kyung in the mind that it would be like to organize the house of a woman living alone according to her lifestyle. A clean-up expert saw Lee Soo-kyung’s house. He said, “If you organize this house, it will be very different. I wanted to show that even a house with a small amount of luggage can be dramatically changed if it is rearranged and organized.”

“Organization changes the environment of life. It seems to give a feeling of comfort that someone organizes the house for me. A house is a space that certainly has an influence on people. People’s mindset changes.”

At the end of the broadcast, it was revealed that 10 million won of the proceeds sold through sharing were donated to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation to improve the residential environment of children living in low-income families and child rearing facilities.

PD Kim Yoo-gon explained, “I was worried about where to donate.”

The actor Jang Kwang’s family will appear in next week’s ‘The House Detox’. The Jang Kwang family is an actor family with both Jang Kwang, wife Jeon Seong-ae, daughter Mi-ja, and son Jang Young. PD Kim Yoo-gon said, “Through the arrangement, each person created the space they wanted. You can look forward to the next week’s broadcast.”

tvN ‘The House Detox’ is a program that organizes things in your own space, ‘home,’ and shares know-how to add happiness to the space. It airs every Monday at 10:30 pm.


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