Hopipolar Ha Hyeon-sang, today (10th) releases new song ‘3108’…love + sad emotion

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Band Hopipolar vocalist Ha Hyeon-sang releases new song ‘3108’.

Ha Hyun-sang announced the digital single ‘3108’ through various sound source sites today (10th) at 6 pm, and announced the appearance of a talented singer-songwriter.

The new song ‘3108’ is a pop genre song that adds a lyrical melody to the EDM sound, and Ha Hyeon-sang participated in the lyrics, composition, and arrangement.

It expresses in heartfelt lyrics that she regrets not knowing that love was precious in the past, and regrets that she did not do her best.

Ha Hyeon-sang’s sweet tone doubles the sad sensibility and heightens the dramatic atmosphere.

In the music video released with the sound source, mediums that symbolize the passage of time such as clocks and flowers appear one after another, creating a mysterious mood. Using illustrations and motion graphics, it gives a dreamy feeling that matches the song, while running faster than the light, giving the feeling of going backwards in time.

Ha Hyeon-sang expands his own music world with a sophisticated pop style that follows his previous work ‘Nostalgia’ through the new song ‘3108’. Through the music that combines Ha Hyeon-sang’s sensibility and storytelling, which is different from Hopipolar, he establishes the musical identity of Ha Hyeon-sang’s style, further strengthening his position as a talented singer-songwriter.

Meanwhile, Ha Hyeon-sang’s new song ‘3108’ will be released through various sound source sites at 6 pm on this day.


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