Kim Jae-yong from Halo, Contract with Early Bird

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Jae-yong, from the group Halo, opened a new nest in Early Bird Entertainment.

Early Bird Entertainment said on the 10th, “We have signed an exclusive contract with Kim Jae-yong, who has endless possibilities and good energy. He is an actor that is expected in the future as he has a versatile talent and charm as well as an acting ability. I ask for your interest and expectation for future activities.”

Kim Jae-yong debuted as a vocal of the boy group Halo in 2014 and has formed a strong fandom by exuding versatile talent and charm. Kim Jae-yong, who also performed acting as well as singer activities, proved his potential as an actor by appearing in various works such as KBS2 ‘The Miracle We Met’, KBS Joy’ ‘Tampering in Love’, and MBC ”Love with Flaws’. In particular, in MBC’s ”Love with Flaws’, she took on the role of Joo Seo-jun, a trainee who is about to debut as an idol because she has a lot of talent as well as her unique appearance, and she attracted viewers’ attention with her pure charm and stable acting.

Through his agency, Kim Jae-yong expressed his feelings, saying, “I am very excited and excited to announce a new beginning.” “I want to be remembered by many as a good person and good actor. I will try to become an actor who approaches you with good acting.” He conveyed his determination in the future.

Meanwhile, Early Bird Entertainment belongs to Jin Se-yeon, Lee Sia, and Go Yoon.

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