‘Penthouse’ Lee Ji-ah, full-fledged blackening…’anger’ shook Hera Palace

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Penthouse’ Lee Ji-ah uncovered the truth about the people of Hera Palace one by one, rushing into full-scale revenge and immersed in the home theater.

SBS’s Monday and Tuesday drama’Penthouse’ (played Kim by Soon-ok, director Joo Dong-min) broadcasted on the 9th was based on Nielsen Korea, with the highest rating of 15.8%, nationwide rating of 12.9% (part 2), and metropolitan area audience rating of 14.2% (part 2). He firmly kept the throne of ‘Wolhwaguk’s overall first place’. The 2049 viewership rating, a major indicator of advertising officials, recorded 4.9% (2 copies).

In the broadcast that day, while Shim Soo-ryeon (Lee Ji-ah) drew a sword of revenge from the people of Hera Palace who concealed the death of his birth daughter Min Seol-ah (Jo Su-min). It shocked me with the ending to discover (Byeon Woo-min).

In the drama, Shim Soo-ryeon managed to leave the penthouse after witnessing the secret meeting between her husband Ju Dan-tae (Um Gi-jun) and Cheon Seo-jin and trembled with anger over Ju Dan-tae, who had cheated her so far. In addition, he pledged revenge by swallowing anger at Ju Dan-tae, who casually mentions Min Seol-ah’s death. After that, Shim Soo-ryeon, who was looking at the SD card found in Min-Seol-ah’s body, questioned the reason why Min-seol-ah was dispatched in the United States, and expressed curiosity by looking at Oh Yoon-hee, who represented Min-seol-ah’s side at a parent meeting at Cheong-A’s High School.

Moreover, Shim Soo-ryeon, who visited Min Seol-ah’s house in regret, overheard the conversation between Lee Gyu-jin (Bong Tae-gyu) and Ha Yoon-cheol (Yun Jong-hoon) who came to find the lost skeleton watch while looking at the traces of Min-seol-ah as a child. I found out that everyone was in one box. Then, the moment Shim Soo-ryun placed a chrysanthemum flower in the place where Min-seol-ah died, he discovered Lee Gyu-jin’s skeleton watch, which was biting by the puppy Sugar-i raised by Min-seol-ah.

The next day, Shim Soo-ryeon hung a red banner on the Hera Palace fountain at the Hera Palace fountain, saying, ‘Min Seol-ah was murdered in Hera Palace’, and posted a transcript of the children of Hera Palace, who harassed Min-seol-ah in the Cheong-A Pre-Go community. Turned over. In particular, Sang-heon Cho approached Shim Soo-ryeon, who was wandering in search of Min Seol-ah’s deeds, handed him a business card, and threatened him.

On the other hand, Oh Yoon-hee was in crisis due to Cheon Seo-jin, who targeted herself to silence the transcript of the children of Hera Palace. Cheon Seo-jin established Oh Yoon-hee at the Cheong-A Preliminary High School emergency response meeting by creating a written opinion that Oh Yoon-hee constantly encouraged and stalked Min Seol-ah to give up admission. From Mari Kang (Shin Eun-kyung) to the head of Cheong Ah Ye High School, and finally the owner of a meat restaurant where Min Seol-ah worked part-time as witnesses, Oh Yoon-hee was driven out, and Oh Yoon-hee, who could not remember the memories of the night Min Seol-ah died, was helpless. However, at that time, Cheon Seo-jin’s husband, Ha Yoon-cheol (Jong-hoon Yoon), revealed that he was with Oh Yoon-hee in the lesson room of Cheon Seo-jin on the night of Min Seol-ah’s death.

That evening, Oh Yoon-hee received a phone call from Cho Sang-heon who suspected that he was the leaked person after the news of Cho Sang-heon’s affair was reported on TV news. Afterwards, Oh Yoon-hee, who visited the Second House to meet Jo Sang-heon, found the dead Jo Sang-heon and was shocked, causing extreme goosebumps.

On the other hand, Cheon Seo-jin’s daughter Ha Eun-byul (Choi Ye-bin) shocked Cheon Seo-jin by confessing that he was the one who released Min Seol-ah in the machine room. Ha Eun-byul secretly listened to the conversation between Cheon Seo-jin and Min Seol-ah that he had manipulated his own entrance examination score sheet, and untie Min-seol-ah’s bonds, and blamed him for pushing Min Seol-ah off the stairs. Cheon Seo-jin, who paid attention to Ha Eun-byul, was astonished after discovering a video in the lesson room CCTV where Min Seol-ah turned on his computer and saved the scorecard of Ha Eun-byul manipulated on USB.

Meanwhile, the 6th episode of ‘Penthouse’ will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 10th.


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