‘Shim Ri-seop’s wife’ Bae Seul-ki in a dress

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Bae Seul-ki revealed her wedding dress.

Bae Seul-ki posted on her social media Instagram on the 10th, “Only 3 days left. The main dress created by Jung Kyung-ok’s wedding is really pretty, so I want to upload it, but I can’t upload it because it hasn’t been released to the groom yet. “It’s a dress” and a photo of wearing a wedding dress was released.

In August, Bae Seul-ki announced her marriage to Shim Ri-seop, a YouTuber 2 years younger than her. The two were initially scheduled to hold their wedding on September 25, but postponed the wedding due to the re-proliferation of COVID-19.

The two will be married on November 13th. Earlier, on October 31, Bae Seul-ki said, “We have finally put up our wedding, which was delayed for an indefinite period of time.” People, please ask me for a private talk or DM.”


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