‘Sing Again’ Lee Seon-hee “I’m also from audition. If an applicant is desperately want to be a singer, he will succeed” [Interview]

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Interviews with the senior judges of ‘Sing Again’ Yoo Hee-yeol, Lee Seon-hee, Jeon In-kwon, and Kim Ea-na were released.

JTBC’s new concept audition project ‘Sing Again-Unknown Singer’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Sing Again’), which will be broadcast for the first time at 10:30 pm on the 16th (Mon.) , Sunmi, Lee Hae-ri, and Song Min-ho are the members of the Avengers judges, and the all-around entertainer Lee Seung-gi is the MC. The interviews between the eight judges and MC Lee Seung-gi, who gained a lot of attention just by appearing, will be released for three days from the 10th (today).

First of all, the four senior judges with more than 100 years of experience and years of experience joined ‘Sing Again’ and said, “I am excited.” In particular, Jeon In-kwon, who became the first judge through ‘Sing Again’, said, “ It seems to be as trembling as the participants.”

Since they are the best seniors in each field, their own evaluation criteria also stimulated curiosity. Yoo Hee-yeol said, “Because I was a producer and have been playing a role in introducing and supporting singers as a music program MC for a long time, I think there will be a difference in that gaze.” I think there will be.”

Kim Ea-na, who joined ‘Sing Again’ as the only lyricist, said, “My role is to evaluate the ability to express lyrics unlike other people.” “Since the talent as a singer can be seen better by other judges, I think I will see the participants’ ability to convey lyrics and whether they are able to capture their own stories in them.”

Judges Lee Seon-hee and Jeon In-kwon will evaluate the participants with warm eyes as singer seniors. Lee Seon-hee said, “Because I have been singing for a long time, I have a clear standard for my field, and I think I will grasp the participants with that reference point.” I want to.” As a member of the legend of rock, Jeon In-Kwon said, “I think I’ll be especially paying attention to participants with ‘rock and roll’.”

The four also left realistic advice to participants who were desperate for the opportunity to ‘one more time’. “In fact, music is romantic in the content itself, but in terms of market logic, music is more cold than any other field,” said Kim Ea-na. “When an opportunity comes, we need a gaze that can objectify and judge calmly.

Participants of ‘Sing Again’ are those who have already been recognized and released the album, so putting it down again will not be easier, but if you discard your name and compete with other participants, your music life will open new eyes.

Judge Jeon In-Kwon said, “Of course, all participants will do their best, but it may not work well in ‘Sing Again’. But don’t worry, if you keep practicing repeatedly and trust yourself until the end, you will have another chance.”

Judge Lee Seon-hee, who said, “In a way, I’m also from audition,” said, “If you are desperate, and if it is true, it will surely work.”

Yoo Hee-yeol, who served as the chairman of the jury, said, above all, that he wishes for the warm support and support of the viewers. He said, “These days, it is not easy to re-challenge when we fail,” he said. “This program will once again illuminate the seeds of music that have passed by and have not been seen in detail.”

“If viewers support such ‘Sing Again’ and the participants, not only can one’s life begin anew, but it can also give hope to all those who try again.”

JTBC ‘Sing Again’, where you can check the strict and warm advice of senior judges, will be broadcast for the first time at 10:30 pm on Monday, 16th.

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