‘Subcharacter Contest’ Ahn So-mi, transformed into maternal rapper ‘Jackie Eye’

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Ahn So-mi transforms into a maternal rapper.

While the poster of Mnet’s new digital content ‘Subcharacter Contest’ was released, So-mi An, who participated under the name of ‘Jackie Eye’, transformed into an attractive villain Harlequin, and the fact that he is a pregnant woman is incredibly perfect and attracts attention.

While emphasizing the rebellious mood by biting bubble gum and holding a baseball bat, he sticks to the image of real character, a working mom, with an infant character band on his face.

In particular, she is expected to show a rapper full of swag that has never been seen through this subcharacter contest, so she is already looking forward to seeing what kind of stage she will present.

Persona Universe Co., Ltd., a special purpose corporation established by Galaxy Corporation and Mnet to create a world view of celebrities’ sub-characters and support the second management activities, is the ‘Real Character Destruction Show Sub-character Contest (hereinafter referred to as ‘Subcharacter Contest’) actor Jackie Ai’s poster was released.

Meanwhile, CEO Choi Yong-ho of Persona Universe said, “Starting with Season 1 of this ‘Subcharacter Contest’, we are continuing to produce content in the form of transmedia that organizes and tells storytelling for the first Korean version in Korea. Based on property rights (IP), we plan to expand globally by building a persona worldview such as broadcasting, sound sources, fan meetings, web dramas, and concerts.”



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