‘Tangman Village’ side “Today (10th) broadcast as soon as baseball broadcast ends”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The schedule of ‘Tangman Village’ will be changed due to the impact of the baseball broadcast today (10th).

KBS announced on the 10th that “We plan to continue broadcasting the 2nd episode of ‘Tandman Village’, which was scheduled to be broadcast at 9:30 pm, as soon as the 2nd playoff broadcast (Doosan vs. KT, KBS 2TV) ends.”

‘Tangman Village’, a self-sufficient project that contains the process of creating a village community in an unknown land, which is first released in 70 years, with the background of natural beauty, has an audience rating of 4.1% (provided by Nielsen Korea) for households nationwide in its first broadcast. It recorded a natural sensibility to viewers.

The second episode, which will be aired on this day, depicts the process of solving problems in which Yoo In-young, the fourth resident of ‘Tangman Village’, prepares dinner with other residents. It is said that the production crew could not hold back their laughter during the Hungry Masterpiece Operation of ‘Tandman Village’ to eat pork belly for dinner on the first day of moving in.

‘Tangman Village’, co-produced by KBS and Discovery Channel Korea, is broadcasting at the same time on KBS2 and Discovery Channel Korea every Tuesday at 9:30 pm. Regardless of the pro baseball broadcast, it will be broadcast on Discovery Channel Korea from 9:30.


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