Bae Da-hae, sue stalkers and online trolls… “I will respond boldly and confidently”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Bae Da-hae sued the stalker and abuser.

Bae Da-hae posted a photo of the complaint on his Instagram on the 11th. The published photos contain the purpose of the complaint, such as attempted blackmail, intimidation, and defamation.

She said, “After collecting enough evidence for the stalker, who had endured for a long time, the complaint proceeded”. She then said, “In recent performances, I constantly visited and tried to contact them, making habitual threats and finding out at local concert hall accommodations to find out.” There were a lot of times when I was desperate because I thought that this pain would end only when I die.”

However, she said, “I try to respond boldly and boldly again,” she added, “I hope no one suffers from stalking like me.”

<Bae Da-hae’s statement>

After collecting enough evidence for the stalker abuser, who had endured and endured stupidly for a long time, the complaint process has now been completed.

Recently, while performing musicals and theater performances, I constantly visited and tried to contact them, making frequent threats, and even finding out accommodations at local venues.

While gathering evidence with a lawyer, there were many times when I realized that even if I asked for personal protection and reported it, there was no action against the stalker.

However, we try to respond with boldness and confidence again. I am taking the courage not to tolerate my precious life being drowned in pain due to a strange person’s wrongdoing.

I hope no one else suffers from stalking like me again.

We ask for a lot of support and encouragement so that I can strengthen myself to the end!

Photo|Bae Dahae SNS

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