‘Comeback’ Jamie “Thank you for featuring my song, Park Jae-bum… I will do free music” [Ask Anything!]

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

A talented musician, Jamie, introduced the new song’Apollo 11′.

Jamie released his digital single’Apollo 11′ at 6 pm on the 11th, and is entering a new musical life.

The new song ‘Apollo 11’ is a song of the R&B genre that lets you feel Jamie’s grooved vocals, and boasts a strong addiction in a dreamy mood.

It is impressive that Jamie expresses the various feelings for the future, among which expectations and new commitments, in comparison to Apollo 11. In particular, as Park Jae-bum is going to feature and create a special synergy with Jamie, there is a lot of anticipation.

The following are questions and answers from Jamie who releases the new song ‘Apollo 11’.

Q. How do you feel about your comeback with ‘Apollo 11’ on November 11th?

-The date is perfect, and the mood is perfect!

Q. What are the listening points and introduction of the new song ‘Apollo 11’?

-The new song ‘Apollo 11’ is a song about Park Ji-min in the past and Jamie in the present. It is a song that conveys the meaning of appreciation to Park Ji-min in the past, and I am hesitant and afraid of my new steps, but it is still full of excitement. The listening point was very comfortable. So, I hope everyone can listen comfortably.

Q. A spaceship and a space suit appeared in the concept photo to match the title of ‘Apollo 11’. How did you come up with the concept idea?

-When I heard the title ‘Apollo 11’, everyone thought the same as Apollo 11, space, spacecraft, space suits, etc., but I thought it was good for the music video director to tell us to create such an atmosphere rather than a real space treated with CG. .

The face of the person wearing the space suit was not disclosed, but I wanted to create an open book-like direction that anyone can join in this part.

Q. Park Jae-bum participated in the new song ‘Apollo 11’ as a feature. What was the reason for the collaboration and any episodes of interesting song work?

-Whenever I do collaborations, I usually ask an artist to think of as soon as I listen to the song, but when I first received this song and considered featuring, Jae-bum Park was the first to think and contact me. I listened to the music and said that I liked it, so we started working together. When I sang it alone, it was a calm and straight song, but it feels like I added a spice!

Q. Following Kang Daniel and Changmo, we have been in harmony with male artists with different charms such as Park Jae-bum. Are there any aspects you would like to show through collaboration and what are your strengths?

-What I want to show in collaboration is a chemistry with that artist! I think it’s a chemistry that can bring out the charm of the song to the best and make it delicious. My strength is that I can show a new color with a new artist and anyone. I think it’s my strength to be able to create new songs or feelings at that time.

Q. After joining the management company Warner Music Korea, what would you like to see Jamie’s music activities in the future?

-I think I’ll be very free. I think I will do free music, and there is no guarantee that I will only do this music because I picked up some music, so I am looking forward to more and more fun in the future!

Q. Recently, I enjoyed a Halloween party with Lee Ha-i and Baek A-yeon. Do the three meet often?

-It’s been a long time since the three of us met! I often meet with my sister High, but this time, I think each of us has become more dependent on each other as we are with our new family. So these days, we meet a little more often.

Q. What are your plans for future activities?

-If there is a good song, I would not see you right away! Please look forward to!


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