‘Daughter-in-law’ teaser video released… Park Ha-sun → Moon Hee-kyung conflict between daughter-in-law and husband’s parents

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kakao TV’s original drama ‘Daughter-in-law’ has released a teaser video of various sea world characters with different backgrounds and thoughts.

‘Daughter-in-law’ (director Lee Kwang-young, planning Kakao M, production SBS Moby Dick, Media Group Take Two), which is set to be released at 10 am on the 21st, is a ‘depiction of various episodes of ordinary daughter-in-law entering Sea World in these days. It’s the Sea World Warfare Diary. It is a drama in which various family members of the in-laws intertwine and unfold the story of the sea world, centering on the daughter-in-law ‘Min Sa-rin’, who is married a month in the ‘daughter-in-law’ that wants to be recognized by Sea World.

In the ‘Daughter-in-law’ character teaser released on the 11th, the characteristics and inclinations of various characters such as wife and husband, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, and east-west are revealed, further amplifying curiosity and curiosity about what will happen between them.

‘Min Sa-rin (Park Ha-sun)’ is a career woman who is more confident than anyone else in the company, but at Sea World, she always repeatedly “I’ll do it”, “Yes” and “It’s okay”, turning into a ‘okay bot’. Min Sa-rin says that her mother-in-law’s question, “Isn’t it okay?” who asks herself for a subtle sacrifice, but the sadness accumulated in her heart is easily read from her expression. In the midst of this, Park Ha-sun showed off the same round hair style as the character in the original webtoon, and predicted Min Sa-rin with 100% synchro ratio in the original.

Min Sarin’s husband, Moo Gu-young (played by Kwon Yul), said, “Today’s ritual. Even if I was there anyway, it would only be disturbing.” “Because Sarin is good,” he amplified interest at once by spitting out innocent lines with an innocent expression. At the moment when you will be mistaken for whether it is your husband or ‘other side’, the teaser reveals the reversal of the fact that Moo Gu-young was a sweet romanticist who hugged him, saying, “Do everything Sarin wants to do,” a surprise. With the marriage, attention is focused on the change of Moo Gu-young, who has changed from a’sweet boyfriend’ to a ‘filial son in the world’, and expectations are growing as to what kind of worries and conflicts between his wife and parents.

The characters in Sea World, including her mother-in-law, are also raising expectations, boasting their own stories and unique personalities. Mother-in-law ‘Park Ki-dong (played by Moon Hee-kyung)’ and father-in-law ‘Moo Nam-cheon (played by Kim Jong-gu)’ are just ordinary Korean parents, and unintentionally, they constantly cause conflicts and troubles between their sons and daughters. My father-in-law Moo Nam-cheon said, “A person who has never made money… ”He ignores his wife, who has been working hard for the housewife, and does not realize his faults in creating the atmosphere of a ‘thin ice plate’, but he is grim for his daughter-in-law, but he looks blunt and insensitive as a father. The mother, who has always sacrificed herself for these families, arouses resentment to Min Sa-rin through trivial actions in her daily life, such as giving her son better food and an apron as a gift.

In K-Sea World, which is more frustrating because it is ordinary, attention is also drawn to the characters who will present the cider with the chest opening. It is the couple of Moo Gu-young’s older brother ‘Moo Gu-il (played by Jo Wan-ki)’ and his wife, ‘Jeong Hye-rin (played by Baek Eun-hye)’. “I went to marry, and now Hyerin is my family,” saying, “Mugu-il, who takes his wife’s side over his parents,” and “Daughter-in-law” who wants to be loved in Sea World, escaped and focused on her life. It is also noteworthy how much My Way’s eldest daughter-in-law Jeong Hye-rin, who plays the role, will have a great impact on Sea World.

The production crew of ‘Daughter-in-law’ raised expectations, saying, “You will be able to feel a deep sympathy for Min Sa-rin and Mu Goo-young, who are struggling to experience various conflicts between ordinary sea world characters that may be around us.”

‘Daughter-in-law’ is based on the popular webtoon of the destination author. The original work serialized through SNS achieved 600,000 followers and was also published as a book, and was recognized for popular popularity, topicality, and workability, such as winning the ‘Our Today’s Manga Award’ in 2017. It will be released on Kakao TV at 10 am every Saturday starting from the 21st. Around 20 minutes each, 12 episodes.


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