E’last “Won-jun, absent from activities due to ‘Boni-Hani’ schedule…

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

The members of the group Elast cheered on Won-jun, who was unable to participate in their comeback activities by appearing in ‘Boni Hani’.

E’last (Lano, Choi-in, Seung-yeop, Baek Gyeol, Romin Won-hyuk, Ye-Jun, Won-jun) opened a showcase for the release of the second mini-album ‘AWAKE’ through the YouTube channel at 2 pm on the 11th, and released a new song stage.

On this day, Lano said, “I was loved for my debut song ‘The Knight’s Oath’, and I am so happy to be able to return to the stage with my second mini-album in 5 months. As it is my second album, I will show you a better image than my first album.”

When asked that there was no member, Choi In said, “As Won -jun became 18th Bonnie on EBS ‘Live Broadcast Talk! Talk! I ask for a lot of support for Won-jun as well.”

On the other hand, E’last’s title song ‘Tearsmark’ shares the flow of the narrative with the debut song ‘The Knight’s Oath’. This song, which Lano and Wonhyuk directly participated in the lyric writing, contains images of misunderstanding, brainwashing and awakening following love and oath. Released at 6 p.m. that day.


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