‘Neighborhood’ released on November 25th… Oh Dal-soo will appear in the film [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

Oh Dal-soo’s returning work ‘Neighborhood’ has been confirmed to be released on the 25th, and the second trailer has been released.

‘Neighborhood’ tells the story of an eavesdropping team in danger of being relegated and moving under the cover of a politician’s family in quarantine at home. It is the main character of Jung Woo and Oh Dal-soo.

The released 2nd trailer begins with the appearance of Dae-kwon (played by Jung Woo) hiding in the toilet and eavesdropping on someone, and the appearance of the stability department trying to isolate Eui-sik (played by Oh Dal-soo) at home, announcing the start of a secret communication operation on the wall.

The trailer contrasts the appearance of a ritual family who is happy to send a story on the radio like any other family, and the appearance of a wiretap team tapping them closely for 24 hours, showing interesting tensions that form between the two neighbors. The scenes that follow make us look forward to the fun that the complex genre of ‘Neighborhood’ of empathy, comics, emotions, and drama will provide. Not only Nami’s ’round and round’ that flows in the background, but also the hidden and undetected hide-and-seek scene of Yeosu’s house and the tapping team who infiltrate the house of consciousness and perform a secret mission make the scene of laughter completed with a different neighborhood chemistry in the movie more curious. .

The two neighboring cousins, who exchange friendships between the provincial office team leader and the wiretapping target, build up friendships between neighbors that should not be built up, and Jung-woo, who is struggling to prevent the secret operation of the Ministry of Stability, are followed, The expectation and interest of the audience are increasing in the touching story. It will be released on the 25th.


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