Park Mi-kyung “I follow the melody as soon as I was born in the late music prenatal school” (‘Back to the Music’)

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Park Mi-kyung recalled the fiercely learning past.

Park Mi-kyung appeared on KBS1’s ‘Song Documentary Back to the Music’ broadcast on the 11th and remembered the past of learning the piano while enduring the bowel movement.

When MC Shinyu expressed his respect for digesting various music, Park Mi-kyung said, “I am not born,” and said that he had received severe music education.

Park Mi-kyung said, “My mother’s original dream was a singer, but I couldn’t fulfill my dream against my grandmother and grandfather. I listened to a lot of music and pop songs from prenatal school after my mom got married. So, as soon as I was born, I followed the music melody as it was before speaking. It seems that prenatal education is important.”

Park Mi-kyung said, “I have been teaching guitar, piano, and singing since I was in elementary school. My mom said that I can’t do anything else, but I can do one thing well.”

Park Mi-kyung said, “Whenever I hear something, I play the guitar and the piano. It was so good. I went to school and played the piano for 5-6 hours each. I didn’t even go to the bathroom, and I was addicted to my songs. I myself, who play music, were very cool and nice. I liked it,” he said calmly.

He also confessed the reasons why he suddenly chose to study in the U.S. when it was at the peak of popularity due to ‘not like a reason’ and ‘Eve’s warning’. Park Mi-kyung said, “I recorded a song titled “To You in My Memory” in my 3rd album, but a vocal cord nodule came. My voice didn’t come out for 3-4 days. I thought,’I have to stop singing now’ and ‘The limit has come.’

Park Mi-kyung said, “My husband’s older sister is a famous singer in Hawaii. I introduced American vocal trainer Seth Riggs. I went straight to LA to receive lessons and practice every 30 minutes every week. I went to study.”

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