‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’ Gwak Si-yang, questioned after tasting chicken tteokbokki…Sales are 5 times ↑

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Gwak Siyang of ‘Alley Restaurant’ gave an honest taste evaluation at the Sangdo-dong Chicken Tteokbokki.

The SBS entertainment program ‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’, which aired on the 11th, has successfully finished the Sangdo-dong alley with the highest ratings of 6.9% per minute(Nielsen Korea, based on the ratings of households in the metropolitan area).

On this day, the final inspection of the alley restaurants in Sangdo-dong was revealed. The Hawaiian onigiri restaurant transformed into a ramen restaurant surprised everyone with a fantastic appearance. In particular, the husband’s boss was still awkward and drew attention with a friendly hospitality attitude, and the visiting guests poured out favorable comments on the ramen with ‘Baek Jong-won’s Recipe’ added.

When a problem with the recipe was found at the banquet guksujip, the lunch business was started with the bibim guksu removed. While the boss’s two twin sons were put in, the guests expressed satisfaction, saying, “It’s delicious and has a lot of quantity.”

On the other hand, in the ‘Chicken Tteokbokki Restaurant’ of ‘The King of the End of Love,’ Actor Kwak Si-yang, who revealed that “Dak-bokkeum-tang is my favorite dish,” appeared as a ‘pre-seasonal’. Gwak Si-yang continued to be silent while tasting the taste, and said, “I don’t drink alcohol”, looking for chopped garlic like Jeong In-seon and laughed.

In the end, Jeong In-seon was introduced to show sesame oil and laver powder toppings, but Gwak Si-yang left a candid comment that “the smell has changed drastically, but it is better to put no laver”. This scene recorded 6.9% of the highest ratings per minute, and took the ‘Best 1 Minute’.

Gwak Si-yang emptied the bowl, saying, “It’s impossible to say what it tastes like, but the more you chew it, the more delicious it is.” After that, Gwak Si-yang, who went to the ramen restaurant, delighted everyone with a unique eating room.

Sangdo-dong alley restaurants announced that their sales increased by up to five times compared to before the broadcast, and predicted the rosy future.


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