‘Boxing Empress’ Choi Hyun-mi “I heard the words ‘Why do you make your daughter exercise?’”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Boxing Empress’ Choi Hyun-mi and her father, Choi Young-chun, who has been the manager of her daughter for 12 years, gave a faint impression with the dark eye contact.

In the first episode of Channel A ‘Eye Contact’ aired on the 11th,’North Korean Defector’ Choi Hyun-mi, who won the second weight class for the first time in Korea, visited the eye contact room after receiving an invitation from his father. Choi Hyun-mi, who started boxing at the age of 14 in 2004, became the youngest world champion in the WBA featherweight at the age of 18. After returning the championship belt in 2013, he took a new challenge to raise the weight and succeeded again. It was Choi Hyun-mi’s father, Choi Young-chun, who went through all this process together.

Choi Hyun-mi said, “I have never separated from my dad for 12 years.” “I go around with my dad in a difficult situation where I have to get a sponsor. When I hear the words, ‘Why are you doing that exercise with your daughter?’ There were times when I couldn’t,” he looked back at his painful memories.

Choi Hyun-mi said, “I was so offended and angry with my pride at the time,” declared, “I am leaving for the United States, where the game is being held, although there is no spectator soon”. But her father said, “My heart wants to follow brown rice, but he tells me not to come. I want to ask if that is true or if I can overcome it by myself.”

Choi Hyun-mi, who finally ended up making eye contact with his father, said, “My father always looked big… but he was getting smaller after healed”, and his father said, “I wonder if you couldn’t see more light because Dad is a manager.” I conveyed my sorry feelings. However, Choi Hyun-mi said, “Now, if I go to the United States alone, I can only really exercise, my dad doesn’t have to be hard anymore, and I can become the champion of the four major boxing organizations.” “I’m afraid, but I want to go alone and do better. I have to see the light, the end.”

But her father said, “When you win, I feel like I have the whole world. Thanks to you, I think my illness will heal quickly, so I want to follow along with my heart. I still have time, so think again about what if my dad goes to America together,” he asked in front of the ‘door of choice’.

However, Choi Hyun-mi turned and said, “Dad may be a little disappointed now, but I can do better and make me laugh. I am confident that I will do well in the United States.” Afterwards, a video of Choi Hyun-mi and his father, Choi Young-chun, saying goodbye at Incheon International Airport, was released, and the MCs gave generous applause for the new beginning of the ‘World Champion’.

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