‘Cinetown’ Jung Su-jung “I’m doing well with Kim Yu-na…”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Cinetown’ Jung Su-jung mentioned about her relationship with figure skating queen Kim Yu-na.

SBS Power FM’s ‘Park Ha-sun’s Cinetown’, which aired on the 12th, featured actors Jung Su-jung (Krystal) and Jang Hye-jin of the movie ‘More Than Family’.

DJ Park Ha-sun said, “I went to the premiere of ‘More Than Family’, and Kim Yu-na came to see it. Are you still close?” she asked Jung Su-jung.

She answered, “I used to do an entertainment called ‘Kiss and Cry’. At that time, I’ve been doing well with the relationship.” Jang Hye-jin said, “I was curious about how I got close because Kim Yu-na came to see him.”

‘More Than Family’, which was released on the same day, is a comical drama in the midst of a concubine, in which To-il, a pregnant woman in the 5th month, seeks out a prospective dad who left the house with her baby’s real dad, who lost contact 15 years ago.


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