‘Kingsman’ Cha In-pyo expressed his love of Shin Ae-ra

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Cha In-pyo confessed her desperate love for his wife, Shin Ae-ra.

TV CHOSUN high-quality humanities talk show ‘Kingsman; The humanities that save humanity’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Kingsman’) deal with gender conflict in earnest.

Gender that occurs when you forget about the ‘2016 Gangnam Station Female Murder Case’, which sparked controversy over misogyny, to the ‘2018 Isu Station male and female assault case’, which spread due to gender conflict, and the ‘2020 Seoul Station Do not ask, assault case’, which the victim claimed to be a misogynistic crime. The elite humanities agents gathered together to find the cause and solution of the conflict.

However, as socially sharp issues such as feminism, gender equality, and male reverse discrimination emerged, the humanities personnel remained silent for a while. In particular, after the death of the spouse, the studio was agitated when the results of a study by agent Kim Kyung-il, a master of cognitive psychology, showed that the satisfaction of men and women came in the opposite direction.

At this time, the host, Cha In-pyo, said, “Why the sun is still shining and the sea is still hitting waves” if the spouse dies, revealing his desperate love for his wife, Shin Ae-ra.

In response to Cha In-pyo’s sudden confession of love, agent Kim Gyeong-il pointed out that “I’m doing that to live,” and a laughter burst into the studio.

‘Kingsman’, a humanities program conducted by Kim Kook-jin and Cha In-pyo, is expected to unveil on TV CHOSUN on the 12th at 8 pm on the way to go beyond the intensifying gender conflict and on the path to gender equality.

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