‘Latte Parents’ Byun Jung-soo x Yoo Chae-won appearing in mother and daughter, revealing the inner heart

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Byun Jung-soo and Yoo Chae-won appear in’Latte Parents’ to reveal their daily life and inner mind.

‘Latte Parents (Director Lee Ji-seon)’, a new generation sympathetic real observational entertainment presented by T-Cast E Channel, confirmed its first broadcast in December, and the eyes of all who are contemplating ‘I’m not good at it’ or ‘I can do better than my seniors’ Booked a robbery.

Like the title of ‘Latte Parent’, this program features parents from various fields who have no choice but to say, “When I am,” and the second generation who is in the same occupation as those parents. The production crew said, “Model Byun Jung-soo & Yoo Chae-won have been confirmed as one of the appearing family members, and they will reveal each other’s inner minds together with daily life.

‘Latte parents’ are markedly different from the conservative and patriarchal parents of the past. As a senior who went on the road first, he has a good will to give the second generation his own answers, but as a result, he is also an ‘excess advisor’ who has no choice but to say ‘when I am,’. On the second-generation side, they can never ignore the words of their parents and seniors who led a generation. However, there are many difficulties, from the burden of parents’ fame to the future path.

In the midst of this, ‘Latte Parents’ is not a solution program for all generations seeking to resolve generation gaps or minor conflicts between parents and children, but tries to differentiate by focusing on the ‘second generation’s position’ who lives with ‘1st generation latte parents’. do. Through this, those who have always been contemplating ‘I’m not a conglomerate’ can get tips on how to communicate with the junior generation, and those who have difficulty in relations with superiors in the thought of ‘I can do better than my seniors’ 2 You can sympathize with the worries of the tenants.

The production crew said, “We will create a more consensus and meaningful program by focusing on the hidden hearts of children’s generations as well as the laughable ‘generational gaps’ experienced by each generation by job.”

‘Latte Parents’, an E-channel that aims for real observational arts that all parents and children in the world can relate to, will be released for the first time in December.


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