[Review] ‘Neighborhood’ Oh Dal-soo’s new work, yet many are not empathizing with him


[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Oh Dal-soo, who was caught in a sexual scandal, returns to the screen as a ‘Neighborhood’ in collaboration with director Lee Hyeong-won. Empathy became the part of the audience.

The movie ‘Neighborhood’ is a new work released after 7 years by director Lee Hyeong-won, ‘Miracle in Cell No. 7’, which rang and laughed at 12.8 million viewers. The work, which had drifted due to Oh Dal-soo’s sexual scandal, met with the audience after two years. In 2018, when suspicion of sexual harassment of a fellow actress arose, Oh Dal-soo completely denied it and stopped her activities. Last year, he was accused of closing internal affairs.

‘Neighborhood’ tells the story of a neighbor’s family who was quarantined in 1985 and the provincial office team leader who had to eavesdrop on them. As soon as the provincial office team leader, Dae-kwon (Jung Woo), and his team members enter the country from abroad, he receives a mission to monitor the family of the politician , Eui-sik(Oh Dal-soo) who is isolated from his home for 24 hours. Members of the wiretapping team, who have moved under the guise of a neighbor’s house, discover new secrets one by one while monitoring every voice and behavior of the suspicious family, from requesting a radio story to the rustling in the middle of the night. Two people who couldn’t be friends become neighboring cousins to communicate and change.

The production of ‘Neighborhood’ was motivated by the story of the late President Kim Dae-jung. Director Lee Kyeong-eun said, “It is not a political movie, but a family movie.” “I thought about the tone and manners to show the communication of people outside and the love of the family. I am not a political drama person. I was thinking about how to comfortably show a warm communication relationship.”

As the director confidently said, “The upgraded version of the Miracle in Cell No. 7”, “Neighborhood” removes the elements of the new wave from the “Miracle in Cell No. 7” and talks about communication and family love through the story of the power and consciousness between the walls. Only storage, which is nothing new, melts the elements of comic emotion to complete the human story. Jung Woo, who leads the play with Oh Dal-soo, naturally digests the amplitude of the emotions of Dae-kwon. Here, Yeom Hye-ran, Kim Byeong-cheol, Cho Hyun-cheol and others play an active part.

Nevertheless, the 130 minute running time can be burdensome depending on the audience. It is unclear how many audience members Oh Dal-soo, who showed a serious face different from the licorice acting that has been shown in many works so far. The appearance of Dal-soo Oh, who plays a respected politician, is naturally reminiscent of the late former President Kim Dae-jung, and it may not be easy to immerse depending on the audience due to past controversy. Screened on the 25th. Over 12 years old Running time 130 minutes.


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