‘Almost, Maine’ Block B P.O (Pyo Ji-hoon) and Kang Eun-il confirmed to appear… Beginning in December

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‘Theatrical Company Boy’ announced the news of the performance of the play ‘Almost, Maine’, and announced the cast lineup of former actors.

The production company ‘Theatrical Company Boy’ was established in the winter of 2015, with five members Pyo Ji-hoon, Lee Han-sol, and Choi Hyun-sung, who were graduates of Hallym Entertainment and Arts High School, and made their name known to the public through the activities of Block B member P.O. It has been proven through the plays ‘Superman.com’, ‘Manitos’, and ‘Boy, Go to Heaven’, and is preparing to take a leap once again with the play ‘Almost, Maine’.

The play ‘Almost, Maine’ (produced ‘Theatrical Company Boy’, director Chi-min Lee) is an omnibus-style healing play that compiles 9 episodes based on love with various meanings. The slogan ‘I hope you find it’. The play ‘Almost, Maine’, with the theme of “The Place You Should Be”, contains the story and support of a courageous step toward finding a place rather than love itself.

Director Chi-min Lee, who participates in the directing of the play ‘Almost, Maine’, has been well received by the audience for directing the plays ‘Wolhwa’ and ‘Two Discourses on God’. The director Chi-min Lee, who has aroused the topic of Daehakro by successively directing works containing precious messages that make the audience look back on themselves once again, is expected to give a pure impression once again.

The play ‘Almost, Maine’, which is composed of an omnibus format, contains its characteristics, and all actors play an active part in two or more roles. It is expected that each of the actors will tell the nine stories to warm the hearts of the audience with their own personality.

The scenes of the prologue and epilogue that decorate the beginning and end of the play are composed of the stories of ‘Pete’ and ‘Zinet’ who have just started to love. Kang Eun-il and Lee Jun-hyun were named for the role of ‘Pete’, who throws a ridiculous joke at the moment when trying to confirm love through each other’s conversation. Kang Eun-il, who has been recognized for his high-level skills in a number of works such as the musicals ‘Rimbo’, ‘Smoke’, and ‘R&J’, is expected to be with the work once again as a natural charm. In the role of ‘Jinette’, Kim Dayoon, Lee Dabin, and Byeon Hanui play. Da-yoon Kim, who captivated Daehak-ro through the musicals’Cat Zorba’ and ‘Christmas Carol’, and Lee Da-bin, a new artist, and Hani Byun, who have a second breath with ‘Theatrical Company Boy’, are expected to present a different charm.

The first episode ‘Her Heart’ contains the story of ‘Glory’, whose heart was abandoned by her husband and broken into 19 pieces, and Maine’s strange man ‘East’. In the role of ‘Glory’, new singer Jo Ga-eun and Moon Soo-a, who was well-received for their delicate emotional expression in the play ‘Electra’, were named. In the role of’East’, Kim Ki-ju, Joo-ha and Park Joon-suk from ‘Theatrical Company’ are raising their expectations.

Next, the second episode ‘Sad and Glad’ is followed by the story of ‘Jimmy’ drinking beer alone at a bar,’Sandrin’, an old lover who broke up, and ‘waitress’ helping them serve with delightful energy. In the role of ‘Jimmy’, Choi Hyun-sung from ‘Theatrical Company Boy’ and Cho Yong-seok, who was recognized for his charm in musicals ‘Cat Zorba’ and ‘Christmas Carol’, were named. In the role of ‘Sandrin’, Yoo-in Bang and Yoo-won, a new artist, participated in the play’Manitos’ with ‘Theatrical Company Boy’, and played an active part in many Daehakro plays. As the ‘waitress’ role, Kim Dayoon, Lee Dabin, and Hani Byun are together.

The third episode, ‘This hurt’, deals with the story of ‘Mavalin’, who unintentionally strikes ‘Steve’ in the back of the head with an ironing board in a shabby laundry room. In the role of ‘Steve’ who doesn’t feel ‘sick’, actor Lee Choong-ho of ‘Theatrical Company’ and newcomer Geum Dong-ho are divided. Lee Soo-jung and Lee Hyun-ah were listed in the role of ‘Mavalin’. Lee Soo-jung, who has captivated the audience with her bouncing charm in the musicals ’13 Fruitcakes’ and ‘Common Falls’, is expected to find audiences with a different charm in ‘Almost, Maine’.

The fourth episode, ‘Getting it back’, which deals with the moment when an old lover just broke up, contains the story of ‘Gale’ and ‘Rendall’ hesitating to return all the love they received so far. The fourth episode is also played by the five actors who appear in the prologue scene earlier. In the role of ‘Rendal’, actors Kim Ki-ju, Doo-ha, Park Joon-seok, and in the role of ‘Gale’ are actors Kim Da-yoon, Lee Da-bin, and Byeon Ha-nii.

‘They Fell’ is the fifth episode, which contains the conversation between ‘Randy’ and ‘Chad’, who are two noble friends in a rural village. In the role of ‘Randy’, Pyo Ji-hoon and Lee Han-sol were named. Pyo Ji-hoon is expected to show off his charms across genres this time while continuing his all-round activities in drama, entertainment, and radio. Lee Han-sol, who has been with the company since the establishment of ‘Theatrical Company Boy’, is going to fascinate the audience with his unique, simple and pure appearance. Choi Hyun-sung and Cho Yong-seok appear once again in the role of ‘Chad’.

The sixth episode ‘Where it went’ about a couple who came to skate. Yoo-in Bang and Yoo-Won Ha play the role of Marsh, who cannot hide their regrets from her husband. Actors Lee Chung-ho and Dong-ho Geum play the role of Phil who cannot understand why his wife is angry.

In the seventh episode, ‘Story of Hope’, Kang Eun-il and Lee Jun-hyun play the role of ‘Man’, and the role of ‘Woman’ is Jo Ga-eun and Moon Soo-ah. This episode, which contains the story of ‘Woman’ who ran a long way in the middle of the night to meet the old lover ‘Man’, will give a deep impression to the audience.

The episode ‘Seeing the Thing’ is the ninth story in which ‘Dave’ conveys his heart by presenting his paintings to ‘Ronda’, who has been an undivided friend for a long time. Lee Soo-jeong and Lee Hyun-ah will be in sync with ‘Ronda’, and Pyo Ji-hoon and Lee Han-sol will be in sync with ‘Dave’.

The play ‘Almost, Maine’, which focuses on looking at it as it is, expressing it honestly without hiding it, and accepting change, will give a calm impression to the public this winter.

The play ‘Almost, Maine’ will be performed at Daehakro TOM 2 from December 19th to February 7th, 2021.


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