[Interview] Jukjae, “I’m sad to leave a team with IU … IU is grateful colleague.”

Singer-songwriter Jukjae said his feeling over leaving a team with IU. Provided|Antenna

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Guitarist singer-songwriter Jukjae (31, real name Jeong Jae-won) has said that his feeling over leaving a team with IU, and his 5 years working with IU.

Jukjae is put down, IU teams’ guitarist position in a meeting with a new mini album ‘2006’ ahead of the release Maeil star Today says the opportunity cost to start a new challenge, for the support and advice received during this process from the IU Mentioned.

Jukjae, graduated from Seoul Arts University and who started the full-scale activities as a guitarist since 2012, but 5-6 years activity in the band (the “IU Team’) members who together with various performances, national tours of IU recently left the IU team in earnest, he started his career as a singer-songwriter with his name on the front.

He became known that in September last show as a current exclusive contract after having informed the news agency of the antenna furnished IU Special KBS2 ‘You Hee-Yeol’s Sketchbook’ The IU team talk.

What are the reasons for a long time with the IU team leaving deep regret. Jukjae said, “In fact, last year, and the IU and the tour had such a story.”

IU and Jukjae worked together in IU team.  Provided|Antenna, Edam Entertainment

“I was originally planning to have a big, IU project in 2020’s been canceled because the COVID-19. The projects are organized last year by the end of this tour when we talk with IU thats opened Vung planning also the public such as the tour was canceled. that point IU to hear stumbled onto it to be featured in ‘sketchbook’ talk, I talk back and IU. Excuse me. in the fans perspective, I give you standing on stage at the same time as that session, stand on stage as a singer-songwriter, look at me as an artist ‘Ji Eun-ah, then this ‘Sketch Book’ is your special feature and the 12th anniversary of your debut, so I did my best to make this performance wonderful. How about using this stage for the last time I saw and talked to you?” But Jieun said he was also preparing.”

The last 5-6 years activities as a member of the ‘IU team “and also said it felt cool small meeting.

“IU was an artist who always improve her performance every year, and so kind to her staff. ‘Singer-songwriter IU” is senior to me, viscosity learn in junior positions so common, the IU performances together, to’ve taken an even more feedback from IU fans cheer, of course, and IU fans become my fans too. IU teams’ experience as the parts can not be released to me, from my musicians life.”

Yet Jukjae is “So he won one big your shop or place the session of the IU,” does that seem to fit, I also worry to ask for more than dozens of yourself once, environments eventually step as my musical development, and focus more on my music To make it, one of the two would have to give up,” he continued.

“I hate to drop really too ahswipgo eventually IU session nwayaji but choose one think more that we can focus heard my music, it’s still really ahswiwoyo all sessions work we have done so far was important and happy day precious IU I pray as much as music and performances IU feel that little bit more special. ”

Starting with the new album ‘2006’, Sang-jang plans to continue his career as a singer-songwriter and musician beyond guitar player. Provided|Antenna

Comments left on the warm IU Declaration (?) of Jukjae also became quite the topic among fans. Maybe watching at the nearest place, ‘Artist’ IU will wonder some people.

“I feel gratitude to IU. Tell us a story that my fans. IU is also listening looking music artists not well-known so good, and my superior also wrote lyrics ability to others is how to do, and watched all the time. Just to music I think that good people always, it is hard while music or something when you make a mistake of catching a bookmark I frequent the ever helpful when you receive feedback to IU. the comments and the way so give hear the music even before Sacred Heart seonguikkeot I felt as feedback I’m a very helpful, good colleague because I’m so good at it.”

He debuted as a singer-songwriter in 2014 under the name ‘Jukjae’, and this time, through a new album released by his new agency, he jumps into the path of becoming a full-fledged singer-songwriter beyond guitarist. Following JTBC’s ‘Begin Again 3’broadcast last year, the number of people recognizing him through ‘Begin Again Korea’, which was broadcast in the first half of this year, is increasing, so we are planning more diverse activities.

“You’ve been recognizing me little by little through various programs such as ‘Begin Again’, but it’s been 6 years since I debuted as a singer-songwriter.” I want to do two things that continue to make my way as well,” he said.

On the other hand, the new mini-album ‘2006’ by Taejang is an album that unravels the memories, emotions, and stories of daily life encountered in his eyes, and contains a total of five songs that have participated in the lyrics and composition of all songs by Taejang. The title song ‘Shining, My 2006’ is a song that adds a unique sensibility to the calm acoustic guitar and string melody throughout the song. It will be released on the online music site at 6 pm on the 12th.


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