Lee Je-hoon, Jessi “I want to pick a number” keeps your ears (‘Showterview’)

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Lee Je-hoon showed a good feeling for singer Jesse.

Actors Lee Je-hoon and Jo Woo-jin of the movie ‘Collectors’ appeared in the web entertainment program ‘Showterview’ of the SBS YouTube’Moby Dick’ channel, which was released on the 12th.

On this day, Jo Woo-jin and Lee Je-hoon made Jessi feel good by answering “Honestly why did you come here” by MC Jessi, “I came to see you. Promotion of a movie is a tool.”

Lee Je-hoon praised Jessi, saying, “You are actually so pretty than what I saw on TV. Why is your face so small?” Jessi said, “No,” and being shy for a moment, “(Somehow) it happened,” he said, and trembled.

Jessi asked, “Please promote this film so that it isn’t obvious,” Lee Je-hoon answered, “Fuck everything and I’m coming out”, making the scene a sea of laughter.

On this day, Jessi prepared a time for ‘reading comments from the subject’.

Lee Je-hoon said, “You know what? We both went to the Louvre Museum, but Je-hun’s brother pretended to be a sculpture, so I was only caught.” Jessi disliked, saying, “(Because of goosebumps) hair comes up. I’m going to go.”

Then, when Jo Woo-jin read the comment, “It’s not raining because of Woojin’s brother. My heart has a heart attack,” Jessi guessed that “your brother was written by an older person. Someone who is old.” Accordingly, Jo Woo-jin was shy, saying, “Even though (the fans) are old, they are active in fan cafes.” Jessi showed Jo Woo-jin, saying, “Such people are eternal fans.”

Jessi and the guests conducted a special interview with a rabbit headband borrowed from SBS entertainment program ‘Running Man’. This headband senses the brain waves, and when you lose your composure, your ears move with a ‘pinch’.

Jessi said to Lee Je-hoon, who wore a headband, “I want to pick a number.” Lee Je-hoon’s rabbit ears immediately reacted to this, and the subtitle “It takes less than 3 seconds for my heart to move…” was added on the screen, making viewers laugh. Lee Je-hoon’s ears shake once more when Jessi adds, “It’s so attractive.”

Lee Je-hoon asked, “I have a boyfriend,” and she counterattacked, and Jessi said “I don’t have it,” but her ears moved. When Jo Woo-jin said, “Je-hoon, why are you asking that,” Je-hoon said, “If Jessi has a boyfriend…” Jesse made a fluttering look and said, “Go Gazua,” but eventually moved on to the next question.

On this day, in ‘Showterview’, I could hear the story of Jo Woo-jin’s 16 years of unknown life.

Jo Woo-jin said, “All of those hardships. Based on that, I got a good response because I worked hard. Everyone goes through difficult times,” he said calmly. Jessi added, “Being a person has to fall down all the time. You can’t just go all the time. It took me 16 years to formally succeed in music.”

On the other hand, the crime entertainment movie ‘Collectors’ (director Park Jeong-bae), in collaboration with Lee Je-hoon and Jo Woo-jin, was released on the 4th and is being screened at the theater.


Photo|Capture of ‘Showterview’ broadcast

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