‘Long live and see’ Kang Daniel, special MC appearance… Transfer of advanced skills of ‘audition experience’

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kang Daniel, ‘National Idol’, is scrambled as a special MC of ‘Long live and see’.

Kang Daniel joined the senior model ‘TOP 16′ as a special MC in the 5th episode of MBN’s Long live and see’ broadcast at 6 pm on the 15th (Sun). Heat it up hot.

Kang Daniel, who appeared while serving ‘surprised’ coffee made by himself, not only presents a ‘miracle of eyesight’ by showing a dazzling stage choreography, but also has a fun time by passing on the experience he has accumulated in the audition industry to ‘TOP 16’. send.

First of all, Daniel Kang performed a ‘special move’ to capture the eyes to become a ‘ending fairy’ on the stage and bombed the hearts of female challengers including Han Hye-jin and Hong Hyun-hee. After holding the microphone as a special MC in the field, the participants said, Who are you?”, “Who do you think will win?” It presents a chewy tension by asking a sharp question on the back. In addition, he learns the secret of ‘remnant hand heart’ to actor Jang Se-jin from the ‘Night Age’ who was holding the weight, and gives a deep smile.

In the evening, Kang Daniel serves barbecue dishes for ‘TOP 16’ and transforms into ‘Daniel Chef’. Joon-ho Jung and Hyun-hee Hong say, “I cook really well, I’m not good at normal,” at the surprise talent of grilling meat and sprinkling salt. Along with this, Kang Daniel surprised everyone by making a sudden remark, “I don’t want my mother to watch this broadcast.” The curiosity is centered on Kang Daniel’s special story, who surprisingly revealed the hidden heart.

The production crew said, “Kang Daniel, who spent the whole day with the participants at the site of the first mission of the finals, explained the practical emotions he feels as a ‘audition experiencer’, and while transferring ‘advanced skills’ such as mind control methods, it was a great help to ‘TOP 16’. He said, “Please look forward to the extraordinary sympathy between Kang Daniel and ‘TOP 16’, whose ‘sincerity’ shined most than any other activity.

Meanwhile, in the 5th episode of MBN’s ‘Long live and see’, Korea’s first senior model selection audition, ‘TOP 16’, who went through the first mission and advanced to the finals, Kim Sookja, Kim Yonghoon, Lee Song, Park Yunseop, Park Haeryeon, Yoo Insuk, Yoo Jehang, Yoon Youngju, Elena, Lee Dongjun, Jang Sejin, Jang Jae-heon, Jung Yoo-kyung, Jung Hyung-do , Jung Ho-kyung, Choi Sam-Geun’s full-fledged camp training and the 2nd mission unfold to add interest. It broadcasts at 6 pm on the 15th (Sun).

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