‘My Mother Is Having An Affair’ Hyun Jyu-ni “The first lead role was heavy, but I ran into it.”

Actress Hyun Jyu-ni, who played her first starring ceremony with ‘My Mother Is Having An Affai’. Provided by|Rama Entertainment

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Hyun Jyu-ni (35) held the first starring ceremony through the recently ended SBS morning drama ‘My Mother Is Having An Affair’ (play Ahn Seo-jung, director Go Heung-sik). In the drama’Iris’ (2009),’Angel Eyes’ (2014),’Descendants of the Sun’ (2016),’Bravo My Life’ (2018), etc. He received favorable reviews for his mother Oh Pil-jeong, who struggles to protect her son with her heart. Maeil Business Daily Star Today conducted a written interview with Hyun Jyu-ni, who had been on a long journey of about 7 months.

“It seems like yesterday that I started the first filming and said’I still have a long way to go’, but after the drama is over, I feel empty. It was actually a burden to take on the first lead role in a long-breathing morning drama. I suffered an injury at the beginning of the filming, and my body became very sensitive, and I was hit with a lot of quantity, so I think I lost about 10kg of weight. (Laughs) It was difficult, but I think it will remain a fun and fun memory for me.”

Hyun Jyu-ni drew attention by revealing his extraordinary determination, saying, “I have my own smell of leather that was before, but I want to erase it” related to taking on the first lead role at the production presentation of ‘My Mother Is Having An Affai’. When asked if it seemed to have erased the smell of leather, the answer came back, saying, “I didn’t achieve it perfectly by my standards, but I hit it hard.”

“I’m from a band vocal. So there is an image that always follows the name Hyun Jyu-ni. It’s like a girl crush friend who wants to lean next to the protagonists or always wearing a leather jacket with gongs on it. (Laughs) I tried to erase the smell of leather while playing the role of Piljeong Oh, but it doesn’t seem to be completely erased. However, I did my best to create my own Oh Pil-jung with the intention of showing a different acting tone than before.”

Hyun Jyu-ni wants to tell all single moms in the world that she is great. Provided by|Rama Entertainment

It is a romance family drama about the process of marrying a rich man for children who want a father who wants a father of wealth by a single mom, who said, “There is no second marriage in my life!” Hyun Jyu-ni played the role of Oh Pil-jeong, a single mom who shows maternal love to protect her son Park Min-ho (played by Gil Jung-woo) and rang the viewers of the home theater. When asked how he set up and acted a character named Oh Pil-jeong, Hyun Jyu-ni said, “It was a difficult character from the beginning.”

“Oh Pil-jung lived like an orphan and was a victim of domestic violence when he married, and he raises other people’s children like his own. Such maternal love was actually difficult to understand. In addition, it was difficult to act as a repulsive and strong mother who lives without fire for the children. The word “single mom” itself is lonely and hurts, but I tried to show the spirit of living well. If mothers who are confronted with this reality are secretly crying somewhere, ‘Don’t cry. I want to say, “Mom is great.”

Hyun Jyu-ni, who married a three-year-old businessman in 2012, has a son. As a mother raising children, she could have been better immersed in her role. Hyun Jyu-ni said, “Dongha, the child actor who played the young Minho, is actually the same age as my son,” and said, “Because I’m a mother now, it helped me a lot when I was acting to express my feelings toward my son.”

“Oh Pil-jeong, whose husband was murdered, lost his home, and lost his job, really only had Minho. She never thought he wasn’t her own child. After that time, when the son who had come to puberty knew all the facts and said that he was going to his father for his mother, all of Oh Pil-jung’s world that I had made collapsed. My heart hurt more than I expected and I wanted to let everything go. So when I was filming the last time, seeing Jungwoo, who plays Minho, made me cry.” He revealed that he had fallen into the role.

You could also hear about the breathing of Lee Jae-hwang, who played the opposite role of Oh Pil-jeong and Kang Seok-jun, the royal family who kept the secret of birth.

Hyun Jyu-ni said, “When I first saw Jae-Hwang Lee, it looked a little cold, so I thought,’What should I do,’ but the more I know, the more pleasant and fun I learn. It was my best opponent in the last 7 months.” He said, “Because I’m a senior with so much experience, I learned a lot, and I felt sorry for the lack of me. The character itself was different as a result of what I had been doing, but it was more difficult, but I was so thankful for giving me courage each time.”

Finally, when asked what kind of work would be left after ‘My Mother Is Having An Affai’, Hyun Jyu-ni said, “The title of the first lead has a lot of meaning, and I think it will be remembered as a work that was a challenge.” “There is a regrettable part because it doesn’t seem to reach the hearts of the viewers more than what you expected from around. I got a homework to fill in the missing part.”

She said, “I have been undeservedly loved for 7 months. I was really grateful and happy thanks to the viewers who said,’I like it because Pil-jeong is Hyun Jyu-ni.’ There were people who waited for the drama every day and supported me, so I was able to finish the work with great effort,” he said, saying, “My Mother Is Having An Affai”. After saying thank you to the lovers, “I will fill in the gaps so that I can return to a more mature actor.” .


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