‘Private Lives’ Kim Hyo-jin, betrayal or deceit

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Private Lives’ Kim Hyo-jin had an accident. Whether this single action that gave a shock reversal was betrayal or another trick, the home theater was wrapped in tension.

In the 12th episode of JTBC’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Private Lives’ (played by Yoo Sung-yeol, director Nam-gun, production Doremi Entertainment), Bok-ki (Kim Hyo-jin), who had been quiet for a while, resumed his activities, sparking turmoil in the war among the players.

In order to destroy Kim Jae-wook (Kim Young-min)’s king-maker documentary, Bok-ki joined hands with Cha Ju-eun (Seohyun), Lee Jeong-hwan (Go Kyung-pyo), and Hanson (Tae Won-seok). Tilt a drink with Ju-eun, and said, “Let’s fuck like a kingmaker Kim Jae-wook. All that he hopes for is the feeling that he wants to tie it with a green belt.” But, as he digs into Jae-wook’s personal affairs, he begins a questionable solo action.

After confirming that he was hiding in a soup restaurant run by his parents, he was unable to overcome a living trial and suffered a ‘stew restaurant murder case’, which the couple murdered each other in order to give insurance money to their son, and then sued for 500 million won I even found out that the ‘student’ son who got all of them was Jae-wook.

The next target of resilience was Jae-wook’s player, Rep. Yoo Byung-jun (Mingio). After throwing the bait to Yoo Byung-jun, who had to create an issue by recruiting documentary actors to engage in environmental demonstrations, he disguised himself as ‘Sophia’, the head of the Korean branch of an overseas environmental group, and held a secret meeting. However, Yoo Byung-jun, who was famous for his meticulous bulldozer at the time of the prosecution, was already enticing the number of revenge. Nevertheless, he had no choice but to get caught in the technique of “I know who Hyuk-jang Kwon’s weaknesses and who is holding the secret ledger”. It was because the approval rating was falling behind the opponent candidate Kwon Hyuk-jang (Jang Ui-don).

Eventually, Bokki finally made a reunion with Jae-wook in the capacity of “the person to introduce specially” through Yoo Byung-jun. Jae-wook could not hide his embarrassment at the unexpected meeting, but Bokki greeted him with a relaxed smile. Ju-eun, who learned that the visual reconstruction was working on Yoo Byung-jun, told Jeong-hwan that “I think I had an accident with this older sister.” Jeong-hwan concluded the case of Ju-eun’s industrial spy accusation with no charges, and decided to become Kwon’s criticism on the condition that he would restore Jeong-hwan’s identity, who was killed. Bokki’s solo action could have ruined all of these plans. The curiosity arose as to what the’big picture’ drawn by the resurgence of “Kim Jae-wook will make a patient”, and how to prevent the runaway of rehabilitation between Ju-eun and Jeong-hwan.

On the other hand, in the broadcast that day, the US case of ‘Jung Hyun-cheol’, who was the driver of Chairman Choi, emerged as another topic. Jeong-hwan, who confirmed that he was a GK scholar at a nursery school and raised himself as a GK scholar, and that he was the same father as his father, Kim Sang-man (Min-sang Kim), tried to remove himself according to the rules of GK. After putting a period in, I started digging into the truth of the secret ledger. Detective Kim Myung-Hyun (Lee Hak-ju), who was suspicious of ‘Lee Jeong-hwan’s death’, appeared and asked to establish justice in the unjust Republic of Korea created by GK and asked to investigate the truth of Jung Hyun-cheol’s suicide, whose authenticity has not yet been terminated.

In this way, while the fraudulent Avengers gained a strong ally named Kim Myung-hyun, attorney Oh Hyun-kyung (Cha Su-yeon) entered GK as the team leader. She is the daughter of Oisa, who opposed the Innovation Vision Office from the start, and survived the Innovation Vision Office through marriage with Team Leader Woo Seok-ho (Bada Kim), and has played a strange tug of war between resurgence and Jae-wook, who do not know whether it is an enemy or a friend. In this way, the war of fraud expanded by King Making was reorganized with the confluence of new characters, and the single action of reconciliation emerged as a new variable. ‘Private Lives’, which is running toward the climax with an unpredictable development, is broadcast on JTBC every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 pm.


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