‘Sea Police 2’ Lee Beom-soo “Why are foreign fishing boats violate the law?”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Sea Police 2’ Lee Beom-soo pours out a bombardment with swear words.

MBC Every1’s 2020 comeback MBC Every1’Sea Police 2’of MBC Every1’s representative entertainment show ‘Police Series’ will be broadcast for the first time on November 25, 2020 at 10:20 pm.

From the reassuring eldest brother, Lee Beom-soo, the pleasant man Jo Jae-yoon, the wonderful man Joo-wan, and the reliable youngest, Lee Tae-hwan. The interest and anticipation of prospective viewers is hot as to what kind of laughter and emotion the’Sea Police 2′, which has completed the perfect combination of four members, will give viewers a smile.

In the midst of this, a teaser video of Lee Beom-soo of ‘Sea Police 2” is released and draws attention. Lee Beom-soo, the strong eldest brother and owner of strong leadership, is actually a curiosity boss. Along with the startling reversal, Lee Beom-soo’s charm, which is more pleasant because it is unstoppable, is overflowing, raising expectations for ‘Sea Police 2’.

The released teaser video for ‘Sea Police 2’begins with Lee Beom-soo’s anticipation, saying, “I feel like I’m leaving for an unknown world,” because I don’t know anything about maritime affairs. The four members we faced like that. In an awkward atmosphere like the eve of adoption, Lee Beom-soo’s questioning bombing begins.

Lee Beom-soo’s constantly pouring questions Among the bombings, the most impressive questions are “Why are illegal foreign fishing boats having trouble?” and “Aren’t you doing so deeply here?” All of the other members concentrated on Lee Beom-soo’s serious question. At that moment, Lee Beom-soo said, “Then why are we not going there?”, “What happens if we just go?” Crawl also induces laughter by pouring out strange questions one after another.

In the subsequent screens, Lee Beom-soo pours out questions about rain or snow. And through this question, I do my best to do the best of the sea police in my own way. The teaser video ends with Lee Beom-soo, who said that through’Sea Police 2′, he saw the sea as a “curiosity distance, an object of curiousity”.

It was a brief teaser video, but it showed the character of Lee Beom-soo, the strongest eldest brother of’Sea Police 2’and the captain of the question, with an impact and robbed the eyes. Lee Beom-soo’s unusual sense of entertainment as we know it was the same, and as the eldest brother, the leadership that led the members in a friendly and pleasant way was outstanding. Curiosity Captain Question Since the robot’s eldest brother, Lee Beom-soo, is convinced that’Sea Police 2’will be more interesting.

MBC Every1’s’Sea Police 2’, which consists of four members of the illusion of Lee Beom-soo, Cho Jae-yoon, On Joo-wan, and Lee Tae-hwan, will be broadcast for the first time on November 25, 2020 at 10:20 pm.

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