‘Cultwo Show’ Kim Soo-mi, a hot talk that embarrassed Jessi

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Kim Soo-mi also embarrassed Jessi with her unique hot talk.

Singer Jesse appeared as a special DJ and Kim Soo-mi appeared as a guest in SBS Power FM’s ‘Cultwo Show’ (hereinafter ‘CulTwo Show’) aired on the 16th. Comedian Choi Seong-min, a regular guest, also stayed.

DJ Kim Tae-gyun greeted Kim Soo-mi, saying, “You appeared as a special guest 10 years ago.” Kim Soo-mi replied, “Tae-gyun (Radio) is doing a very long time.”

Kim Soo-mi also expressed her delight to Jesse. Jesse and Kim Soo-mi made a relationship by appearing together in the SBS entertainment program ‘The Law of the Jungle’.

Kim Soo-mi confessed that he hesitated to join ‘The Law of the Jungle’, saying, “I liked nature, so I didn’t miss one. But I was worried that I might get a sprained ankle or catch a cold because I was old.”

Kim Soo-mi made the scene into a sea of laughter when he said, “I saw a toilet in a sesame field. I gave nutrients.”

Jessi said, “I heard the news that Kim Soo-mi is coming. I decided to shoot because I wanted to meet so much,” and warmed the scene.

On the other hand, Kim Soo-mi said, “You don’t do anything. The most delicious chestnuts are mountain chestnuts. When I met Jessi and said, ‘Bake that chestnut and eat it later. I’ll put it on the rice later,’ and Jessi replied, ‘I can’t because of my nails.'”, embarrassing Jessi.

For a while, the revelation showed warm affection.

Jessi said, “Kim Soo-mi cooked a lot.” Kim Soo-mi expressed his affection for Jesse and Kim Byung-man, saying, “(Kim Byeong-man) ate kimchi, but he ate too well. Jesse continued to ate it. I like people who eat well.”

On this day, Kim Soo-mi recalled the past when she appeared as a daily tusk in the MBC longevity drama ‘All Members Diary’.

She surprised the audience by saying, “I was 29 years old at the time. My son Il-yong in the drama was older than me.” Then, “He is two or three years older than me. After 10 years playing the role of a mother and son, I also said,'(Park Eun-soo), you did a good job,’ but later, at a dinner party, I said, ‘Eat more, you’re doing this.” Made all people laugh.

Kim Soo-mi added, “I did a lot of work, but people mention this work the most. I think that’s memorable.”

On this day, Kim Soo-mi completely read the stories of the listeners as well as showed a storm ad lib.

DJ Kim Tae-gyun asked, “It’s great. How do you ad lib right away while reading”, and Kim Soo-mi replied, “I have a little acting career. I’ve been doing it for several years,” and laughed.

On the other hand, he embarrassed everyone with an alluring (?) curse.

When the listener sent a real-time text message, “When I actually saw Kim Soo-mi, I was so alluring,” Kim Soo-mi asked Jesse, “I don’t know what alluring is.” When Jesse couldn’t answer, saying, “Alluring? Attractive?”, Kim Soo-mi said, “What makes you alluring is to say ‘000’ even if you swear”, embarrassing DJs and guests. Jesse said, “If there is no affection, Sumi teacher will not curse.”

On this day, comedian Park Na-rae sent a surprise text to cheer for her colleague Choi Seong-min as well as Jesse and Kim Soo-mi, giving the listeners warmth.

Kim Soo-mi concluded, “I come to the radio after a long time, so I think of the old days. I want to get rid of the next program and stay together for an hour. I had a happy time with Jesse and not in the jungle, but in nature more than the jungle. I had a hard time. I hope you watch a lot.”

On the other hand, a special feature of ‘Chief X Helmoney’ will be broadcast on the 21st of the SBS entertainment program ‘The Law of the Jungle-Domestic Edition’ with Kim Soo-mi and Jessi.


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