Infinite Kim Seong-kyu completes first online concert… Jang Dong-woo and Lee Seong-yeol surprise guests

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Infinite Kim Seong-kyu successfully finished the first online concert ‘THE DAY’.

Kim Seong-kyu held ‘THE DAY’ through ‘Seezn’,’Olleh TV’ and ‘MMT Live’ on the 15th at 3pm, communicating with fans around the world in real time, revealing the true face of ’emotional vocalist’.

Kim Seong-kyu opened the splendid opening of the concert with the track ‘Daydream’ from his 2nd mini album ’27’. He said, “It’s been a long time since I’m greeting you as a singer and idol, so I’m very nervous, and it’s awkward and empty to perform in a place where there are no audiences,” he said.

As this concert is conducted online, it received great response by showing real-time communication with fans as well as contents of ‘Vlog’ containing their daily life. Moreover, during the concert, Infinite members Jang Dong-woo and Lee Seong-yeol appeared as surprise guests, and they boasted a perfect chemistry that made their fans laugh.

Kim Seong-kyu, who introduced the acoustic version of ‘Nothing’s Over’, said, “I prepared another song until the rehearsal yesterday. But the members want this song, and I thought the same, so I changed it in a hurry this morning.”

In addition to this, ‘I Need You’, ‘Days to be erased’, ‘I have to be you’, ‘Stay away’, etc., not only fascinating the eyes and ears of viewers, but also ‘Inspirit’s support method With the stage of ‘Answer’, he impressed fans around the world.

In particular, the highlight of this concert was the stage of the first new song ‘ROOM’ to be released. Kim Seong-kyu said, “’ROOM’ was composed and written by Seon Woo Jung-ah, and I will also participate in the lyrics and put it on a new album. I prepared hard so please look forward to it.”

Finally, Kim Seong-kyu said, “It was a happy day to be able to hear a new song. We are meeting in the screen right now, but our hearts remain the same. We are eagerly hoping that we will be able to make good memories by facing face to face in the near future.” ended the concert with a regretful feeling.

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