[Official] Gamst goes back home, after being hospitalized

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

BJ Gamst (real name Kim In-jik) directly announced the news of discharge.

On the 16th, Gamst announced through his Africa official channel announcement that “I will turn on the broadcast of the test results directly.”

Soon after, through a broadcast titled ‘Gamst discharged’, I thought, “I was discharged. I thought it would be better to turn on the broadcast. I’m sorry for worrying so much. There are too many articles. I’m so embarrassed. “He said.

“I have a concussion. He told me not to exercise for two weeks. The broadcast said that it doesn’t matter if it moves greatly.” I took an x-ray CT, and then I had an MRI this morning, and fortunately, it wasn’t a cerebral hemorrhage,” he explained.

Earlier, Gamst was hospitalized after being injured in the chroma key crash during the broadcast. Gamst staff said, “Gamst was broadcasting in the morning, and the chroma key fell off and I hit my head,” he said. “After the broadcast ended, my head continued to hurt, so I went to the hospital.

He added, “I think I will have to do an MRI tomorrow by telling me about the findings of cerebral hemorrhage. That way, I think I can know exactly what kind of situation. First, today’s broadcast seems to be difficult.”

Meanwhile, BJ Gamst is a famous Africa TV BJ.


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