Park Joong-hoon “Kim Byung-hoo is a life mentor” 17-year relationship revealed (My Way)

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Park Jung-hoon reveals his 17-year relationship with psychiatrist Kim Byung-hoo.

On the TV CHOSUN ‘Star Documentary My Way’, which airs at 10 pm on the 16th, the story of ‘National Psychiatrist’ Kim Byung-hoo will be revealed.

When the word ‘psychiatrist’ was unfamiliar, Kim Byung-hoo appeared on a morning broadcast and caused a ‘resonance’. He, who comforted the hearts of many people, appeared on ‘Star Documentary My Way’ and talked about his gratitude for work and family, and the happy life of his 3-year-old grandchild.

In particular, on that day’s broadcast, Kim Byung-hoo reveals ’17 Years Relationship’ with ‘National Movie Actor’ Park Joong-hoon, and invites him to his house to serve a wonderful dinner. It started with an invitation to dinner, but what happened (?) Park Joong-hoon takes over the child-raising of Kim Byung-hoo’s three-year-old grandson and Leo, which makes him laugh. Park Joong-hoon, who suddenly became a superman, opens ‘Jung-hoon Kindergarten’, but contrary to his heart, he keeps squeaking and laughter does not end. National actor Park Joong-hoon’s special move gift and’Honey Voice’ to win the hearts of Kim Byung-hoo’s grandchildren will be released.

In addition, Park Joong-hoon said, “Kim Byung-hoo is a life mentor,” and not only shared his life worries with him, but rather gave him advice. Park Joong-hoon told Kim Byung-hoo’s ‘Desperate Marriage Level’ episode, “The late teacher In-ho Choi’s words, “Love your enemies” are not asking you to love someone who is’the target of revenge’, but in the end ‘family He presented the answer to the village homicide by saying, “It’s Ether”, and shows the appearance of ‘Solution Park’. A ‘nothing to see’ evening time with national actor Park Joong-hoon is also revealed.

In addition, the story of Kim Byung-hoo, a psychiatrist full of laughter and happiness, can be found on TV CHOSUN ‘Star Documentary My Way’ at 10:00 pm on Monday the 16th.

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