‘Sea Police 2’ Lee Beom-soo “I want to inform the police and convey my gratitude” (Interview)

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

What is the reason Lee Beom-soo decided to appear in ‘Sea Police 2’?

MBC Every1’s 2020 comeback MBC Every1 ‘Sea Police 2’of MBC Every1’s representative entertainment show ‘Police Series’ will be broadcast for the first time on the 25th. ‘Sea Police 2’ is a reality program that portrays the emotions and sorrows of the marine police by celebrities taking charge of various tasks to protect the sea, such as maritime security, disaster rescue, and marine environment conservation. Four members of  Lee Beom-soo, Jo Jae-yoon, On Joo-wan, and Lee Tae-hwan confirmed their appearance.

The strong eldest brother of ‘Sea Police 2’ is Lee Beom-soo. The public remembers Lee Beom-soo as an actor who boasts the best acting skills, and a friendly image that gives a ridiculous but pleasant laughter in entertainment. When the news of Lee Beom-soo’s appearance in ‘Sea Police 2’was delivered, a lot of anticipation was poured out. It is an expectation that ‘Sea Police 2’ will be an entertainment that can see all of Lee Beom-soo’s joy, leadership, and warmth that smells like people. So I asked Lee Beom-soo directly. About the reason why I decided to appear in entertainment after a long time, and that is ‘Sea Police 2’.

Lee Beom-soo said, “I think most of the men will do that, but there was a special romance for soldiers and police. Isn’t it cool to wear a uniform and work for the public good?” “When I was preparing to take on the role of a detective in the MBC drama ‘Triangle’, I commissioned the actual police station and went to the scene with the detectives for about a week to experience actual combat. “I felt that there were a lot of hardships and hard work that weren’t well known behind the wonderful appearances or activities of detectives on TV and movies.

And the efforts and grievances of these police forces strongly led Lee Beom-soo to ‘Sea Police 2’. Lee Beom-soo said, “When the production team proposed ‘Sea Police 2’, curiosity and romance preceded it, but on the other hand, there was also anxiety that it would cause discomfort to those who do important work. But when I thought about it again, I thought I didn’t know how important and hard work the policemen were doing. Perhaps by participating in this opportunity, I thought it would be meaningful to introduce the hard work of the police to many viewers and express their gratitude to them.” He revealed the decisive reason for deciding to appear in ‘Sea Police 2’.

The curiosity of the police’s grievances and efforts, as well as Lee Beom-soo’s desire to convey his gratitude by informing the public about it, was also revealed in the teaser video released earlier. In spite of joy, Beom-soo Lee did his best in the maritime police business with strong curiosity and passion. The appearance of Lee Beom-soo, who does not make any effort even in the pouring rain, showed how much he truly approached ‘Sea Police 2’.

‘Sea Police 2’chosen by Lee Beom-soo with gratitude beyond romance. The production team also praised Lee Beom-soo’s passion and strong leadership.

The 2020’Police Series’ come count MBC Every1 ‘Sea Police 2’ will be with Lee Beom-soo, Jo Jae-yoon, On Joo-wan, and Lee Tae-hwan. First broadcast at 10:20 pm on Wednesday, 25th.


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