‘Search’ Jang Dong-yoon X Jung Su-jung, uncovered secrets…Search recorded the highest viewing rates

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

OCN Dramatic Cinema ‘Search’ completed the journey of Korea’s first military thriller drama with a seamless ending that completely solved the link between the mystery triggered by the 1997 ‘Two One Sector’ incident and the specially appointed ‘North Pole’.

The final episode of OCN Dramatic Cinema’Search’ broadcast on the 15th (screenplay Myung-ju Ko, director Hyun-woong Lee, and Hyun-woo Lee, a total of 10 episodes) shows an average of 3.9% and 4.7% of households’ ratings on paid platforms that integrate cable, IPTV, and satellite. Set the best record. The viewership rating of 2549 men and women, which are the targets of OCN, also recorded an average of 2.9% and a maximum of 3.5%, ranking first in the same time zone including cable and full-length episodes. (Paid platform national standard / provided by Nielsen Korea)

On this day’s broadcast, the last fight of the special lease ‘North Pole’. Suddenly, the mysterious group of black bok appeared, even the members of the ‘North Pole’ under the command of Lee Hyuk (Yoo Seong-ju) to remove anything that interferes with the acquisition of ‘material’. I tried to kill. It was Lee Hyuk’s vicious plan to bury the truth of ‘two sectors’ as it is, and to remove Sergeant Yong Dong-jin (Jang Dong-yoon), the son of Captain Cho Min-guk (Yeon Woo-jin). With an urgent radio wave from Kim Da-jeong (Moon Jung-hee) who understood their intentions earlier, saying, “When you find a tattooed black suit, consider it as an enemy,” the special lease immediately entered the shooting battle. Captain Song Min-gyu (Yoon Park), who was on a boat with them, also sensed that he was a target, and launched a pincer with the mercenary commander. However, he did not give up his intention to obtain the mysterious substance. He left the words, “There is no way to go with you and me,” to the mercenary commander who was trying to support him who was attacked terribly, and went out to the end to search for a box containing material and died.

The mercenary chief and Lieutenant Son Ye-rim (Jung Su-jung) were also in danger of being caught helpless by Lee Hyuk. At this time, Lieutenant Lee Joon-sung (Lee Hyun-wook), who ran after noticing his father’s plan, joined forces with Captain Cho, who appeared after ‘Green Eyes’ to overwhelm the group of black bok. However, due to Lee Hyuk who tried to shoot a gun at Captain Jo in the midst of confusion, Lee Jung-wi was unable to avoid the tragic ending. He was shot while blocking his father, and left an apology to the mercenary commander, saying, “I’m really sorry.” The mercenary commander persuaded his father, Captain Jo to leave the abandoned building together and return, but he, who became a strange creature, expressed his will to remain there. Eventually, the mercenary leader left the building with Lieutenant Son in tears, and Lee Hyuk and Captain Cho, who remained in the abandoned building, detonated the last bomb installed by his group.

Afterwards, a full re-investigation of the 1997’Two One Sector’ was underway. The whereabouts of Lee Hyuk, who reached the end of the abandoned building, was not revealed in the end, but Captain Cho escaped the stigma of’North Korea’. The mercenary commander and Lieutenant Son found the answer to their parents’ secrets. They regained their lost names of ‘Jo Dong-jin’ and ‘Go Eun-byul’, respectively, and returned to their peaceful daily lives. Both the conflict and the narrative accumulated in this way were completely ended, and the last five weeks’ journey was meaningfully ended. The first record of the OCN Dramatic Cinema ‘Search’, which gave a ‘thrill’ that had never been seen with new materials, backgrounds and gorgeous military action, was reviewed.

#One. First soldier role challenge → actors’ successful acting transformation

Jang Dong-yoon, Jung Su-jung, Moon Jung-hee, Yoon Park, and Lee Hyun-wook, who perfectly digested the character of the first challenger, were the No. 1 contributors that raised the perfection of ‘Search’. Jang Dong-yoon, who played the role of Sergeant Yong Dong-jin, who was noticed for his massive image transformation, perfectly made full use of the sergeant’s unique smirk and the spirit of the search team running toward the target, firmly grasping the center of the play. Jung Su-jung’s performance in the role of elite Lieutenant Son Ye-rim of the Hwasaengbang Defense Command also did not give up on expectations. It showed a realistic acting as if the soldier character was embodied as it was with each caught dialogue and modest action. It was a part that proved that he was reborn as a growing actor.

Moon Jung-hee, a former special force and played as a guardian of Cheongong-ri in a village near the DMZ, showed unstoppable action and anti-war charisma without filtration. Worked. After revealing the hidden identity of Lieutenant Lee Jun-seong, the warm vice team leader, Lee Hyun-wook has been active as a key player who has led the reversal in the reversal ever since. The passion and enthusiasm of the actors who first challenged the role of’Soldier’ with different characters left such a meaningful achievement.

#2. Korea’s first DMZ background +’monster life’ mystery, detailed development

‘Search’ stimulated the infinite imagination of viewers by adding an interesting material called a strange creature to the special background of the DMZ, which was an unknown space. In particular, the incident that occurred during the ‘Two One Sector’ operation in 1997, which was thought to be the prelude to the mystery, was used as a dramatic device to form an inevitable relationship between the characters, creating a more dense story. This is the reason why I was immersed in the story of a search team fighting against an unknown enemy, not humans or animals, who do not know when and how they will encounter in the cool, secluded DMZ.

#3. The first military thriller in Korea by OCN

This is the fourth project of a dramatic cinema that combines the formats of a movie and a drama, and ‘Search’, in which a large number of film crews worked together to create a well-made genre through the sharp production of the film and a dense story. The mystery was amplified within the genre of military thriller, which was the first to challenge in domestic dramas, and even in unpredictable developments, it created an optimal breath that goes back and forth between tension and relaxation by placing laugh points in the right place. It was also evaluated as an ‘ending restaurant’ as a result of an instantaneous ending to see the next episode each time. ‘Search’, which clearly imprinted the two keywords ‘military’ and ‘thriller’, was enough to turn a CRT into a cinema for the past five weeks. In line with the title of ‘The Master of the Genre’, OCN’s breakthrough challenge, which expanded a new genre with the first military thriller drama in Korea, ended with perfect success.

On the other hand, an online 3D experience center where you can virtually experience the mysterious scene of’Two One Sector’ has been specially opened on the official website from the 13th and is gaining enthusiastic response from viewers. It is the first virtual experience hall that Korea’s first military thriller drama attempted. As the result of multimedia combining the overwhelming special effects using IP of ‘Search’ and 3D mapping technology, you can vividly experience the mysterious scene faced by the special lease ‘North Pole’ in 360°. In order to appease the regret of the ending on the 15th, the 3D set of the basement of the ‘Two One Sector’ abandoned building that was the background of the last operation of the special lease, as well as the undisclosed stills, and the comments of the director and actors will be additionally disclosed.


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