Uhm Jung-hwa “I was impressed with Refund Sisters, thanks to first group performance in my life”

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Uhm Jung-hwa, who successfully completed the last schedule of ‘Refund Sisters’ with tears and emotions, shared his thoughts on the end of the activity through his agency.

On the 16th, Uhm Jung-hwa said through her agency In Entertainment, “First of all, thank you to the viewers who watched our story every Saturday and supported our activities. Thanks to the support and love that you sent, we will be able to finish the ‘Refund Sisters’ well. I was able to do it.” Also, “I was really happy and happy to be able to do group activities for the first time in my life through the ‘Refund Sisters’. I was really grateful for the time and opportunity to go on stage with my juniors I love and love, Hyori, Jessi, and Hwasa.”

Uhm Jeong-hwa said about Yoo Jae-seok, who went on to become producer Shin Park’s Jimmy Yu, “After each filming, he said,’I’m so good’ and’I’m happy,’ by message or phone, and he always wrote his heart carefully. When it was cold, he prepared a remedy for the members, and especially gave me a vocal lesson fee. So I was able to learn and feel many things while watching Yoo Jae-seok.” In addition, he also said about Jaehyung Jung and Jongmin Kim, who have sincerely performed the role of managers, “I was able to feel how much they are giving and loving me through their reactions and eyes while working together.” In addition, Uhm Jeong-hwa said, “As ‘Uhm Jung-hwa’, I want to have more courage to prepare both the work and the album.” “As I received a lot of support through the ‘Refund Sisters’, that time was not wasted. I want to do everything so I can’t do anything,” he said with a passionate determination.

Uhm Jung-hwa challenged her first group activity at MBC ‘How Do You Play?’, showing a fantasy chemistry with the members, and filled the home theater on Saturday night with happy laughter with a colorful charm every time. In addition, he frankly confessed his trauma, which had had a difficult time due to health problems, on the air, and the process of trying to overcome it reached many people with a bleak and heartfelt impression. At the same time, the sweat and passion that Uhm Jung-hwa showed through her ‘Refund Sisters’ made us realize the power of Uhm Jung-hwa, who has maintained a top position in both singers and actors for a long time in the entertainment industry.

In addition, Uhm Jung-hwa presented a song like Danbi to fans who had been waiting for Uhm Jung-hwa’s music with ‘DON’T TOUCH ME’, the active song of ‘Refund Sisters’. It captured the eyes and ears of the public with its attractive tone and unrivaled dominance on the stage, and proved the topic of Eom Jung-hwa, such as winning the 1st place in the music charts as well as rising to the top in real-time search terms.

In particular, in the last story of ‘Refund Sisters’, Uhm Jung-hwa presented the’Ending Credit’ stage at the request of the members, and at this time, Uhm Jung-hwa wanted to sing this song with other members. Even though the stage of this day was not a perfectly organized group dance or song, it was truly a perfect ending credit that could set a beautiful hot spot in all activities with just one reason for being with the members rather than alone. The appearance of Uhm Jung-hwa and ‘Refund Sisters’ who hugged each other and tapped on their backs and laughed together gave viewers a memorable entertainment and more than that.

Like this, Uhm Jung-hwa completed a moving film by overcoming difficult times and delivering hope and courage to viewers with a new challenge, like the lyrics of ‘DON’T TOUCH ME’, ‘Don’t show it. Uhm Jung-hwa, who conveyed emotions and laughter with the power of a legend diva and the warm eldest sister, created an explosive topic every time, and wrote another new history with the ‘Refund Sisters’. Also, attention is focused on.

Q. How do you feel about completing your first group activity, ‘Refund Sisters’?

A. First of all, I would like to say that I am most grateful to the viewers who watched our stories every Saturday, supported our activities, and listened to our songs. I think I was able to finish the ‘Refund Sisters’ well thanks to your support and love. Also, I’ve been talking about having fun while doing my activities, but I don’t think there is any way to express my feelings other than saying that I am really happy. It was really fun, and I was really grateful that I was given the time and opportunity to go on stage with my juniors Chun-ok (Lee Hyo-ri), Eun-bi (Jessi), and Silbi (Hwasa), who are my juniors I love and love during my first group activities.

Q. What is the most memorable episode of your activity?

A. I really remember all my time and activities. If I only want to pick one episode, I think it’s time to record ‘DON’T TOUCH ME’. Actually, there was a fear that ‘Is it okay to show me so honestly?’ But while filming, I let go of that fear and recorded with the thought of ‘I have to be really honest.’ Thanks to that, I think the song could come out better.

Q. Not only the members of the Refund Sisters, but also with producers Jimmy Yoo (Yoo Jaes-eok), Jung Bongwon (Jeong Jae-hyung), and Kim Ji-sub (Kim Jong-min). What did you particularly appreciate?

A. I really appreciate the members, especially Jimmy Yoo (Yoo Jae-seok). He was very attentive and gave me a lesson fee so that I could challenge again and do voice training. Also, when it was cold, he gave the members a remedy and always cared for and encouraged them to work warmly without catching a cold. Thank you very much. And after each filming, I saw Jimmy U once again and felt like ‘I have to treat people this way’ by saying hello to me via message or phone, saying ‘I’m so good’ or ‘I’m happy’.

Also, Bong-won(Jeong Jae-hyung) and Ji-sup(Kim Jong-min) are people who have great meaning to me, and I think that it is truly a memorial and amazing thing to have a ‘Refund Sisters’ with them. When can I see Bong-won as a manager (laughs). It was fun to be able to spend such time. In addition, I wasn’t just guessing and guessing how much Bong-won and Ji-sub gave and loved me, but I was able to feel it directly through the reactions and eyes of the two while working together. So it was a very happy, thankful, and really precious time.

Q. Since the start of the ‘Refund Sisters’ activity, it has been loved by many people, and ‘DON’T TOUCH ME’ topped the music charts at the same time as it was released. It must have been a long time since returning to the music industry alone would have been new, but thank you to the fans who gave such a hot response.

A. Thank you very much for sending a lot of support and love to ‘Refund Sisters’. Also, I’m so happy that you listened to a lot of’DON’T TOUCH ME’ that I recorded after a long time. We will show you a lot of better things in the future so that we can respond to the great love and interest we received during the ‘Refund Sisters’.

Q. I have been working really hard for a few months as ‘Manok’. In the future, we are also looking forward to your activity as ‘Uhm Jung-hwa’. What are your plans for future activities?

A. I really enjoyed my activities with ‘Manok’ for several months. In the future, I want to have more courage to prepare both works and albums as ‘Uhm Jung-hwa’. As I received a lot of support through the ‘Refund Sisters’ activity, I can do it so that the time is not wasted. I would like to do everything with the heart of ‘DON’T TOUCH ME’. Once again, thank you and love you for loving ‘Refund Sisters’ and ‘Manok’.


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