‘2’o clock’s date’ YouTuber Ohneun, the sparkling sensibility of ‘Adult Living Today’ (Comprehensive)

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

MBC’s PD Choi Byul, who runs the YouTube channel ‘Oneun’, showed his love for the channel.

On the 17th broadcast of MBC FM4U ‘2’o clock’s date Muzie and Ahn Young-mi (hereinafter ‘2’o clock’s date’), PD Choi Byul, who serves as MBC PD and runs YouTube channel ‘Oneun’, appeared as a guest.

On this day, DJ Ahn Young-mi introduced PD Choi, saying, “He is a person who really fits well with the name of the corner called ‘Unknown First Seat’. She is an unknown person who is curious about his lifestyle.”

PD Choi Byul, who is currently on the ‘MDromeda Studio’ team in the MBC Digital Creative Center, asked to introduce the YouTube channel ‘Onenen’ and said, “I bought a 45 million won abandoned house in Gimje, and what is happening there. A channel that captures in Vlog format,” he answered.

Choi PD, who was usually interested in lifestyle content, surprised the audience by confessing that he had bought a house with private expense, saying, “If I create this content, I would be able to do what I like without quitting the company.”

There was also an explanation of the channel name ‘Oneun’, which felt somewhat special. PD Choi said, “Originally, it was ‘Today’, but there was an opinion to give it a meaning, so I decided to put it into ‘Oneun’ with the meaning of ‘adults living today’.” DJ Ahn Young-mi trembled, saying, “It seemed to have tremendous meaning, but it doesn’t seem like that.”

PD Choi also mentioned the cost of repairing the house, which led to questions from many subscribers. She laughed by saying, “If you look at the purchase of small furniture, it’s a lot more than 50 million won,” she said. “I didn’t want to spend too much money on receipts.”

In response to DJ Muzie’s question, “I heard 1,500 people came in the live video of picking peppers,” Choi Byul said, “I started the live because I wanted people to come in, but 1,400 people came in the cabbage planting live.” In response, DJ Muse said, “It’s clear that you understood the title differently,” causing laughter.

Questions about returning farms also followed. When asked by DJ Ahn Young-mi, “Is there a type that shouldn’t be a farm,” Choi PD advised, “Anyone who is not diligent should never be.”

Following that, PD Choi said, “Honestly, I am so busy that I feel married to my house every day.” Still, he expressed his affection for rural life, saying, “I see more of the sky. I can see a lot of separate things.”

Finally, Choi Byul greeted “Thank you for loving the channel ‘Oneun’.”

On the other hand, on the YouTube channel ‘Onenen’ operated by PD Choi Byul, after purchasing a 115-year-old abandoned house in Gimje, Jeonbuk, the calm daily life in a country house is revealed and is drawing attention. Since the first video was released in June, the current subscriber has exceeded 230,000.


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