Bling Bling “Our role model is BLACKPINK, the color on the stage is cool”

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

New girl group Bling Bling chose Black Pink as a role model.

On the morning of the 17th, an online showcase was held to commemorate the release of Bling Bling’s debut single ‘GGB’.

Bling Bling is the first girl group to be presented for the first time after four years of preparation by vocalist Major Nine, and consists of six members: Cha Ju-hyun, Yubin, Marin, Choi Ji-eun, Ayami, and Narin.

On this day, Bling Bling chose Black Pink as a role model without hesitation. Yubin said, “Our role models are seniors. Role models and respected seniors. I think the expressions on the stage and the colors they have are so cool. We are also cool on the stage. I want to hear the story.”

She also conveyed his determination for activities. Narin said, “Rather than doing trendy music, he advised us to do our favorite music and freely play music. It’s important to show a natural appearance. I will try to work to get closer to the fans.”

Marin said, “I’ve been practicing just looking at my debut. There were some difficulties, but it seems that the effort was not wasted.”

The title song ‘G.G.B (Girls Grow Brave)’ is a song that portrays the active + bling bling charm and confidence of the six members. Rather than following a uniform trend, a girl group with a completely different style is a song that expresses the ambition to clearly imprint their name in the public with the lyrics of ‘Bling Bling’, and VETERAN, a new producing team of Major Nine, participated as the general producer. Improved completeness.

Bling Bling plans to actively engage in activities after releasing their debut single ‘G.G.B’ at 6 pm on this day.

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