“From trophy to sheet music”…The late Kim Hyun-sik undisclosed remains revealed

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

An undisclosed memento containing the memories of the late singer Kim Hyun-sik is additionally released, and interest in the new remake album is also rising.

On the 17th, the production company Superman C&M released four photos of undisclosed memorabilia to feel the traces of the late Kim Hyun-sik’s life.

In the released photos, a glance at Kim Hyun-sik’s achievements, including the late Kim Hyun-sik’s regular and best album tapes, ‘I’ll wait’, ‘I thought it was the wind’ score, the music box award trophy, the Golden Disc award trophy, and a photo of the deceased’s activities. The memorabilia that can be seen in are vividly contained.

Along with this, an interview with the late Kim Hyun-sik, written in 1988 under the title ‘My Confessions’, also attracts attention. “Music is my life.” “A good world, good music, good love. The sincere heart and passion of the late Kim Hyeon-sik for music, such as “What I hope and desperately want”, was intact in the writings, making the hearts of viewers bleak.

As the great musical life and dramatic life of the deceased are re-examined along with unreleased photographs of artifacts, interest in the 2020 remake album ‘Make Memories’, which will be released in the 30th anniversary of the late Kim Hyun-sik, is also increasing. Earlier on the 7th, singer Kyu-hyun was the first runner in the remake and reinterpreted ‘like music like rain’ with a modern sensibility, attracting a topic among music fans.

As Kyu-hyun and other talented artists and hitmaker composition team such as Ethan Sidekick participated in the production and announced the birth of a well-made alum earlier, the curiosity about the second artist who inherited Kyu-hyun’s baton is growing.

On the other hand, the lineup of the 2020 remake album ‘Make Memories’, where you can look back on the late Kim Hyun-sik’s music life and chew his masterpiece once again, will be released sequentially in the future.


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