Kang Boo-ja “I even met a woman who had a love affair with my husband”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Let’s Live Together’ actor Kang Boo-ja said that he knew that her husband was cheating, but he lived for the children.

KBS2 ‘Let’s Live Together’ shows a life in which middle-aged female stars who live alone talk about the reality faced by middle-aged generations and the worries of retirement without addition or subtraction, and share each other’s wounds and worries. It is a program that shows the value of

In ‘Let’s Live Together’, which is broadcast on the 18th, a special guest national actor who has a relationship with the three sisters of Namhae visited Namhae House. Sisters caught in an emergency after the news of the visit to the previous guest, Wang’s sister. The sisters were busy cleaning the house by turning over the kitchen and preparing to greet guests by bringing Namhae seafood directly. Kang Boo-ja who finally appeared in front of the sisters who went to greet customers without mind. The sisters and Kang Boo-ja who had seen it in a long time expressed their warm welcome with hugs. At this time, her husband Lee Mook-won, who was as happy as Kang Boo-ja, also appeared.

A strong man with a deep relationship with the Namhae sisters. The memories of the sisters were as different as the years together. In particular, “I was a judge when Kim Young-ran debuted,” and revealed a special relationship with Kim Young-ran as well as the secret (?) of Kim Young-ran’s face. In addition, Kim Young-ran surprised the sisters by remembering her former mother-in-law and her hometown. The nervous sisters of the strong Kang Boo-ja who remembers everything. It raises the question of how far the strongest people’s memory will be.

While having a good time at Namhae House,Kang Boo-ja said, “I want to become a member here too,” and said, “I am worried about my husband and members.” After that, Kang Boo-ja recalled the difficult years, saying, “Even if my husband cheated, I pretended not to know everything and put up with it.” Kang Boo-ja said that he kept his family for 53 years, thinking about his children despite her husband’s affair. “I have endured a lot,” and Kang Boo-ja said, “I can’t divorce even if I am unhappy.”

What will be the secret of Kang Boo-ja’s 53-year marriage will be revealed on KBS2’s ‘Let’s Live Together’ at 10:40 pm on the 18th.


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