Park Hwi-soon wedding pictorial, wiht 17-year-old younger bride-to-be bride Chun Ye-ji

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Park Hwi-soon (43) released a wedding pictorial with Cheon Ye-ji (26), a 17-year-old prospective bride.

On the 17th, Park Hwi-soon posted a post on his Instagram, beginning with “It seems to be a time that I was so grateful from the beginning to the end.”

He said, “We took a wedding together last summer. It was clear that day in the long rainy season, and thank you so much to the colleagues who ran away despite the busy schedule, and thank you to the staff who worked with me until the end despite the long shooting time.”

Park Hwi-soon continued, “More than anything else, it’s my precious wife Ye-ji. Let’s starve a little this evening. Yesterday I ate pizza, yesterday I ate chicken, and dieting is not easy.”

In the wedding pictorial released that day, various pictorial pictures of Park Hwi-soon and Cheon Ye-ji with comedian colleagues were released. In the photo, Park Hwi-soon and Cheon Ye-ji held both hands and laughed brightly or gave out sweet love while walking on the road under the sunlight.

In addition, Cheon Ye-ji’s beauty in the photo became a hot topic. Cheon Ye-ji boasted an egg-shaped face and a lovely beauty of chubby cheeks.

Park Hwi-soon and Cheon Ye-ji are getting married on the 21st.

Photo courtesy of|Wedding Magazine (Wedding21) Photographer (Sukbong Choi_Guho Studio) Video (Devil’s Door) Wedding Director (Eunjung Kim) Wedding Dress (Clara) Tuxedo & Suit (Maesh Homme) Hanbok (Park Seonhee Hanbok) Makeup (Ryu Sooyoung_Suzak ) Hair (Miyoung) flowers and products (Chouette Bloom, Antoine, Irostyle)

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