‘Afternoon’s hope’ Gilgu Bonggu x Song Haye, the best ’emotional voice’ on a rainy autumn day (comprehensive)

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

On a rainy autumn day, an emotional live was held that soaked up the mind.

On the afternoon of the 18th, MBC FM4U ‘Afternoon’s Hope Song Kim Shin-young’ (hereinafter ‘Afternoon Hope’) featured male duo Gilgu Bonggu and singer Song Ha-ye as guests.

DJ Kim Shin-young opened the opening saying, “I wanted to listen to emotional music, but how does it rain? I’m lucky.” Song Ha-ye shook the heart of Kim Shin-young, singing ‘Your News’.

Kim Shin-young said, “After 1 year and 4 months, she appeared in ‘Afternoon Hope’. Song Ha-ye is a voice scammer. She makes high notes so comfortably.” As a result, Song Ha-ye showed humility, saying, “You can give it with a pleasing voice,” and Shin-young Kim said, “We are not happy, we are sad,” causing listeners to laugh.

Gilgu Bonggu said, “Gilgu Bonggu also came with good news in 6 months. Oh, I heard that Gilgu Bonggu was close to Nabi and Song Gain.” Bong-gu replied, “When I didn’t know well with them, I went to an overseas concert together. About 5 years ago. It was in the US. At that time, we all got together and made a chat room.”

In response to Kim Shin-young’s question, “Aren’t they both a bit overwhelming,” Bong-gu said, “Yes. In particular, butterflies are overwhelming. They’re full of power,” causing listeners to laugh.

Gilgu Bonggu captured the hearts of the listeners by completely digesting the new song’If You Knowed’ live in the middle of the talk.

DJ Kim Shin-young set the mood with music stories.

“I heard that Bong-gu wrote this new song ‘If you knew’. I think he had a big breakup while not seeing something,” Bong-gu replied, “I have experience in the past, but I wrote while watching webtoons and movies.” Kim Shin-young expressed sympathy, saying, “There are times when you can feel your own experience more than the original webtoon.”

He then praised “I think this video was taken with care.” Gil-gu shyly replied, “I can’t see what we’ve taken.” Kim Shin-young trembled, saying, “I’ve watched my music video 5000 times. I’m so stupid.”

On this day, Gil-gu also confessed that he was enjoying a sweet honeymoon. He said, “My wife is the cutest when she sleeps. I wriggle my toes.” Gil-gu married a photographer who was four years younger than last year.

Gil-gu said, “We have been running a cafe from February. We have not officially announced the opening because it is the time.”

On this day, Song Ha-ye confessed with surprise that “the title song of this album was originally a different song.” However, he revealed the reason for the song change, saying, “‘I’m happy’ has a good response (to the album officials).” After twists and turns, the title song ‘I’m Happy’ is also neatly digested to the treble.

One listener reads a comment from a listener, saying, “You seem to have similar tastes with Cindy (DJ Kim Shin-young) and Song Ha-ye. Song Ha-ye sang ‘Like’ in the last broadcast is one of Cindy’s favorite songs. Did you have it?” . Kim Shin-young said, “No, but I think my tastes are similar” and asked Song Ha-ye to admit, “I like” Park’s song.

On this day, a listener sent a real-time text saying, “How can I sing well?” Bong-gu said, “It is important to make it not feel like a mistake.” Gil-gu said, “Only the people who sing the lyrics know exactly. If you hesitate, you will find something wrong, so you have to deal with it naturally.”

The broadcast on this day ended with Gilgu Bonggu’s song ‘I wish the wind blows’.

On the other hand, Gil Gu Bong-gu released a new single, ‘If You Know’, containing the deep regrets of a man who suffered a breakup through various music sources on the 15th, and Song Ha-ye released his first mini-album ‘Happy’ on the 17th of last month.


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