BTS V, the first Korean male celebrity to surpass 6 million Instagram

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

BTS V is the first Korean male entertainer to break through 6 million ‘Like’ on Instagram.

The first teaser photo of V’s ‘Dynamite’, which was released on BTS’ official Instagram in August last year, set a new record of 5 million ‘Like’ for the first time in 47 hours after being released. With this record, V won the title of Korean male celebrity who received the most ‘Like’ with Instagram photos. The record continued, and on the 17th, V set the first 6 million record.

In addition, V’s two concept photos of the new album ‘BE’ surpassed 5 million in succession with 563 million and 5.47 million ‘Like’, respectively, and recorded 3 Instagram posts over 5.4 million for the first time in Korean male entertainers as of the morning of the 18th.

There is no need to mention the influence of the K-pop representative group BTS on global SNS. Among them, V, the most beautiful man in the world, stood as an absolute powerhouse on the SNS platform.

On Twitter, a selfie photo titled ‘Hi Army’ uploaded in August ranked 8th in the tweets that received the most ‘Likes’ in history with 3.18 million ‘Likes’, ranking the highest in Korea.

Also, on YouTube, V’s Mnet’s ‘Poetry for Little Things’ recorded 128.8 million views, which is equivalent to other groups’ music videos, and rose to the top of all-time K-pop direct cam views.

V’s status as the strongest social media player is played by the global fan power revealed in various popular indicators.

Last week, V was ranked first among all Korean celebrities in the ‘Weekly Korean Artist Fan Activity Index’ of Aiman, a Chinese big data analysis agency, and in Japan, the trend of’celebrity ranking’ from January to October 2020. It ranked 6th and was the only overseas artist to be ranked in the top 10.

In Russia, Vkontakte (VK)’s K-pop community Deer Zone is the highest among Korean solo artists in the third quarter K-Pop fan club rankings, ranking 4th among Korean solo artists.

On the other hand, BTS is visiting ARMY around the world with their new album ‘BE’ on the 20th.

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