Don Spike, a comic pose with raw meat…”Come, those who are tired of vegetables”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Composer and singer Don Spike revealed the latest news.

Don Spike posted on his Instagram on the 18th, “Come to me, people tired of vegetables. I will fertilize your lips with the greasy greasyness of the juice.”

He then released the picture, saying, “When the air pressure is low, you will be happy if you put a piece of grilled meat in your mouth.

The Don Spike in the photo is posing with raw meat on the set. A slim figure after a successful diet attracts attention.

Earlier on the 16th, Don Spike released photos before and after the diet on Instagram, and revealed that he lost 25kg.

Don Spike, the representative meat expert in the entertainment industry, is launching his brand and showing it at home shopping.

Photo|Don Spike SNS

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