‘Hwaseong serial killer’ Park Joon-young attorney “Lee Chun-jae’s first impression is really mediocre…not sharp”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Yoon Seong-yeo, who has been jailed for 20 years in ‘Eye Contact’ as the culprit of the ‘8th Mars serial murder case’, appears as an eye contact applicant. In addition, attorney Park Joon-young, who was in charge of the reconsideration of the case, appeared in the studio as a ‘eye contact assistant’ on this day, vividly revealing the experiences he had experienced with the case.

Attorney Park, who went to the studio on Channel A’s ‘Eye Contact’, which will be broadcast on the 18th, said, “The 8th case of Hwaseong is now renamed to the 8th case of Lee Chun-jae, the murderer. Lee Chun-jae confessed to 14 murders and 34 rapes.” He said, “I was terrified to see Lee Chun-jae, who remembers all of those many cases vividly even though it is an old case, that he would continue to sympathize deeply with the victim’s feelings.” said.

“At the retrial, I couldn’t hear my voice because of the cloth mask, so I asked for a disposable mask. Then, unintentionally, his face was revealed after 34 years, and it was really normal,” he said. “It wasn’t that sharp even if I thought he was a serial killer.”

Meanwhile, MCs were curious about the reaction of Yoon Seong-yeo, an eye contact applicant who attended the retrial at the time. In response, lawyer Park said, “There were many people who thought that Yoon Sung-yeo would be infuriated by seeing Lee Chun-jae. However, it wasn’t Lee Chun-jae who made him unfair,” and said, “He says he hates the law enforcement officials who did not listen to him.”

At last, Seong-yeo Yoon, who was about to make eye contact, was revealed, and he smiled brightly and said, “I wanted to die several times. I’m not the culprit, but why should I be here… It was just a question without an answer.” He also confessed, “I was dragged at the age of 22 and received life imprisonment at the first trial in 1989, commuted, and released after 19 years and 6 months.” Yoon Sung-yeo is about to have a decision on the 8th Hwaseong case on November 19, the day after the broadcast of ‘Eye Contact’.

The eye contact related to the’play of fate’ met by Yoon Seong-yeo, a retrial claimant for the’Hwaseong 8th Incident’, will be revealed on Wednesday, November 18th at 9:20 pm on Channel A’s new concept silent entertainment ‘Eye Contact’.

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